Battlefield 5 was officially announced this week. The upcoming FPS shooter will be set in World War 1, a different change of pace from the futuristic take so many of the genre’s shooters have adapted. Of course, not much is known about this, besides of the setting, and some trivial facts. That being said, here is our TOP FIVE wants from Battlefield 5.


Destruction Is A Must

Battlefield 4 featured destruction in what I would call a ‘geometric’ state. The destruction wasn’t organic like Bad Company 2, but instead, bricked down as if it was ‘designed’. Hopefully, with the processing power of state of the art computers and next gen consoles, we can get fully destructible environments. Is it possible? Perhaps, but we might lose map size, player size (Player size is confirmed to be 64 players) or other things in the making. That all being accounted for, it might be worth it! Bring on the destruction!


Don’t Forget About A Campaign


Okay. Okay. Battlefield games aren’t designed for their campaigns. These are usually afterthoughts, or something to add value to your $60 dollar purchase. But why? Why can’t we have a good, or even great campaign centered around World War 1? You could go the schlocky route and make it about a young soldier that you play, growing through the ranks. Something we as players could grow to admire. Perhaps DICE could create the next Soap or even Master Chief. Hopefully DICE/EA learn from previous titles and put EFFORT into a story mode.


Variety Is Everything

Battlefield games incorporate a wide variety. This goes beyond killing/defending, but really in every meaning of the word. If you want to snipe enemies, you can do that. If you want to be the team’s medic, you can do that! If you want to go around repairing tanks, you can do that. The game has incredible amounts of variety that layer gameplay, and cater to so many players. It makes the experience feel immersive, and doesn’t force you to be a twitch player. This variety needs to come back, big time. Next generation gaming opens up portals not only for high quality visuals, but high quality immersion. Give us the ability to move around in Zeppelins. We want to be able to use barracks. What about even modifying your gun in combat or at a nearby barracks? We do know that Battlefield 5 will use a new melee system, since melee combat was a critical part of World War 1. This is a big step in the right direction.


Give Us More Than One Ally!

World War 1 wasn’t fought between two opposing sides, but multiple countries forming into coalitions. A huge key to World War 1 gaming is the ability to choose between multiple countries in a given side. If you pick Allies, you shouldn’t be restricted to United States, but have the freedom to pick Russia, Britain or even France. Likewise for the Axis. This would open up options for weaponry, customization, vehicles, uniforms and more!


Do Something…Different

rendition1.img (1)

At this point in time, we have seen just about everything. Done to death. World War 2. Modern Warfare. Futuristic Warfare. Jet packs. Space suits. Laser weapons. Everything has been done to death, and it is turning the FPS genre into a mold. A mold of been there, done that, no matter who the developer/publisher are. Battlefield has set itself apart in numerous ways over the years, and needs to do so AGAIN. We need something different. Whether it be deep clans. Insane amounts of destructibility. Weapon customization. A Planetside 2 warfare set up. Something has to be different to set this game apart. Hopefully DICE/EA go ballsy, and step up their game (Unlike their last efforts, AHEM Battlefront!).


Regardless of wants and needs, the game is coming out. So far, despite it not presenting actual gameplay footage, the trailer has impressed everyone. We here cannot wait to play it, and we will surely bring everyone the review when the time comes!

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