You getting tired of the same old assassinations from yesteryear? Jumping from building to building, like a kindergartener playing on a crudely drawn hop scotch map, and speaking to cheap AI whose faces disappear midway leaving only the eyes of Satan himself to stare you down.  Hidden blades are child’s play! Now it’s time to show off your assassination skills using shadows!

In all seriousness, Sony just announced another semi-exclusive title and it looks like a big bowl of sneaky sneak fun.

The game is called Aragami: Out of The Shadows, and currently has no release date (other than it being slated to debut in autumn of this year). The game is being developed by the relatively new Spain-based company, LinceWorks, and is being published by Sony for both the PC and PS4.

Initially, the devs behind Aragami intended for the game’s funding to come from Kickstarter under the original name, Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows, but the project failed to meet its goal. Thankfully, LinceWorks continued developing the game with what they had, and eventually Sony came in to save the game from development hell.

David Leon, Lince Works’ studio director, described Aragami as:

Aragami is a stealth game in which you play as an undead assassin with the power to control the shadows. The darkness is your ally and the source of your strength, letting you teleport instantly to any other shadow, create new areas of darkness to stay invisible, materialise physical weapons and traps from thin air, or even summon a shadow dragon to decapitate your target.

Despite being heavily influenced by previous stealth games, like Dishonored, Tenchu, Metal Gear Solid, and Mark of The Ninja, Aragami looks to offer players a playstyle that is unique to modern-day stealth gaming.

Twin SoulsThe art style of Aragami speaks for itself. Its melancholic over tones, hard focus on the color red, and soft line-work will help the game’s scenery and assassin, Aragami, to linger in the minds of everyone who picks it up. When it was first being developed, the game featured hard-line designs and gave players very little light to navigate in. After some audience feedback the devs behind Aragami brightened the overall lighting of the game (which I feel added to the stealthy tone they were aiming for), switched their line style from hard to soft, and even altered Aragami’s look. Also, speaking of art style, I’m a huge fan of games that give players a semi HUBless display. Knowing what you have and monitoring your health is detrimentalaragami to any game, obviously, but when too much is being displayed it tends to get a bit distracting. By localizing the health, mana (I’m assuming that’s what the gauge for shadow use will be called), and inventory count on the main character’s cowl, they give players ample room to look at all of their surroundings; Visceral did this with Dead Space and ever since then I had hoped that more devs would end up adopting this HUB style.

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