We have went years with speculation over the possibility of The Dark Tower being made into a film. Well, we don’t have to wait anymore, with the filming going on right now. We also know that Idris Elba will be The Gunslinger as well.

Here is our first look at the character:



The picture is a bit hilarious. Elba, apparently, according to sources, had to run back and get his phone. Don’t worry, I’m sure that won’t appear in the movie (weird things have happened before though).

Thankfully, the internet, which is full of ignorance, bigotry and pure hatred, took kindly to Elba’s casting. The Gunslinger is a white character in the books, but nobody was bothered by this. Clearly, this speaks VOLUMES about Idris Elba’s acting credibility. He is well liked in the Hollywood community for his charisma.

Not much is known about the upcoming film, minus the fact that it will borrow heavily from the books (not just the first but all of them, actually).

Of course, stay tuned for more updates regarding this film!

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