If you’re a huge fan of the Fallout series and Doctor Who, then this new Doctor Who themed mod for Fallout: New Vegas will be the game to satisfy your geeky little heart from here to the end of time.

The aptly named Fallout: Who Vegas has been in development for five years and was created by a modding community known as The Foundry. If you’d like you can check out their Facebook Who Vegas page here, and I will include the video for their release trailer below.

This mod has to be one of the most impressive mods I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of them…like 5 or so.

If the first question you have is, “But does it have a working TARDIS?” You’re damn right it does! Along with the ability to maneuver around Geek Culture’s favorite big blue box, you will also be the target of multiple Dalek invasion waves, Weeping Angels (they still give me creeps) and Cyberman. However, The Foundry didn’t stop there, they also gave players random space and time anomalies, radioactive Skaro wasteland, and a new quest line to follow.

Be mindful though, this mod does come with its fair share of glitches and mishaps. It’s a mod done by a small community, so don’t go expecting a finished and polished product; they’re not Ubisoft (oh wait…) However, if you check out the mod’s Facebook page (above) you’ll notice that the team does their very best to keep the fans updated on their progress.

This mod update to the latest Fallout game is just the thing we need to get us through the waiting period for Fallout 4. With enough packaged into one mod to be its very own game, Fallout: Who Vegas looks to be enough to satisfy just about any gamer out there regardless of their opinion on the very confusing Doctor Who series.

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