Far Harbor

Fallout 4, arguably one of the biggest games of 2015, is getting its third piece of DLC on the 19th of May. Unlike the two previous DLC (Automatron and Wasteland workshop) this next piece will take players’ out of the common wealth and transport them to the mysterious island of Far Harbor.

From the trailer, which has just been released, shows a mysterious island home to a group of settlers. One of these settlers, I would imagine is the women who is talking at the beginning of the trailer, asks you to bring her daughter home. The trailer also shows the other faction on the island, The Children of Atoms.

I want to side track a little and say that when Fallout 4 was released I found it cool that the Children of Atom had traveled to the commonwealth, but quickly found them to be a pain in the backside. So when they appeared in the trailer I was a little disheartened. If there’s a choice to side against them, well lets just say they wont see any of my characters joining them.

I was quickly drawn back into the trailer, which goes on and shows new weapons (no harpoon gun yet), new armour, cool and mysterious locations, and enemies…lots of enemies.

However, the ending of the trailer still has me scratching my head.

Okay, so, it’s obvious that Nick Valentine is in Far Harbor because we see him briefly standing with the sole survivor. But, at the end of the trailer, he gives the player a warning about things getting out of hand real fast. The next shot is what appears to be a synth with some sort of tubes on its back.

The trailer makes it out to be that this Synth is Nick Valentine, but unless his face and eye color have changed on the long voyage, then it can’t be the case. I`m thinking that it’s some sort of Synth leader for a colony of Synths also called Far Harbor, but its impossible to tell from the one Synth we see.

All in all, Far Harbor looks like it’ll be a good and interesting addition to the Fallout universe, but have we seen this DLC before?


I am referring to the Fallout 3 DLC, Point Lookout. In Point Lookout, the Lone Wanderer was tasked with locating the daughter of a local women; already sounding familiar to Far Harbor isn’t it? Point Lookout was a misty, swampy hell hole of a place, and, from what we have seen so far, Far Harbor looks to be the same.

At the moment, the only two things which are similar to Point Lookout are the two points above (being that it hasn’t been released yet), and hopefully they remain the only two points. Mainly because I don’t want to see a bunch of inbred, hillbilly mutants running around with OP shotguns trying to kill me and subsequently eating me…again.

The third DLC to 2015’s blockbuster of game, Fallout 4, is set for a release date of May 19, 2016, which is only 15 days away as of this post.

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