Everything is a philosophical interactive simulator that teaches you about the idea of perspectives.

The game is developed by David O Reilly. The main reason I am even writing a review for this game is because I can’t understand why this game is getting so many great reviews. Sure it’s a great concept but not a great game. “Then why is it getting so many 9s and 8s Abdul you worthless pile of garbage ?” you might ask. Well in order to answer your question dear reader lets look at the gameplay.


So like I mentioned above this game is all above perspectives. The idea is that you can become whatever you see. And I mean everything. I started off as a horse and then roamed around the planet for a while until the game told me ” Okay okay, you had your fun with the horse now go be something else, ooooo look at this continent be that. “ And with a press of a button, I became a continent. This is the first time my perspective radically changed. The horse or tree that I

And with a press of a button, I became a continent. This is the first time my perspective radically changed. The horse or tree that I was before was so small that I could not see them anymore.

After a continent, I became a planet, then a galaxy, then a universe and then a molecule and lastly an ant (yes there was an entire multiverse inside the ant). At that point, I was really impressed by the game. I should also mention that going from a continent to a planet can’t be done instantly. You have to do a fair amount of roaming and turning into other animals and planets before you are told by the game that you can change your perspective.

Similar to changing perspective by becoming bigger, you can also become smaller and change your perspective that way. You can become an ant to a speck of dust where you will eventually realize that there was an entire universe inside that speck of dust or piece of leaf or hydrogen molecule and that is an amazing idea, really made me think differently about our universe.

Lots of Variety

During my roaming and turning into different things I also found that the game is quite diverse. There are a lot of animals, continents, planets etc in this game.

For example, the planet I started off with had no cities and then after exploring I changed into a planet where jets were common and there was a continent which had an entire city with cars and bridges and skyscrapers. After exploring some more I found a continent where civilization was just starting and on the opposite continent, the medieval era was well on its way.

Eventually, after doing some more exploring I found an entire alien planet (although one could argue all these planets are alien) with never before seen plants and animals and that made me go wow!!!.

And that’s it. This is the entire loop of the game and although you could argue that that’s all you need, you can discover all of this in about 3 or 5 hours like I did. And here is where the problems begin for me.


The first thing I found problematic about this game is that it got really really boring and repetitive after hour 2. At this point, I had discovered a lot of the things and had changed my perspective by turning into other things about a million times. The only reason I played further for about 3 hours is so that I can give an accurate review. I am the kind of gamer who doesn’t mind any goals as long as it is justified and this game does not justify itself.

By hour 3 I was seeing a lot of the same stuff with rarely anything new. This game needed more features at least for me to make me label it as a game. Maby if we were allowed to change or terraform a planet or destroy an entire city. This simulator needed something to make me wanna spend more time in it.

I did read some steam reviews and the majority didn’t mention anything about gameplay so I guess the majority have no issue with the gameplay at hand, but for me at least, this simulator needed a bit more stuff to make me wanna play it or explore it.

Also, another issue I have is that once you turn into something like a baboon, you can’t really do much except walking and running in this somewhat gigantic but very empty world. You can dance and create baby baboons but that’s nearly it. Again in terms of gameplay, this simulator is lacking for me.

Comparison With Spore

I also see some people comparing this game with spore and I would completely disagree. Spore had a goal. You needed to create a species and then grow it and evolve it to the point that you can explore the galaxy. Everything, on the other hand, has no goal.


The controls need some improvement as they felt loose and sometimes I felt like there was a delay with some animals. This could easily be improved with a patch or two.


Everything looks descent. This simulator doesn’t need realistic graphics so there I don’t have an issue. I would even say that the game looks good considering you ignore the odd texture or two. When you expand your perception and go to space you might even say it looks really good.


This game is virtually animation less . When your running as a horse or a lion you won’t be moving, you will be rolling, yes rolling. This could be because they had no time to animate everything or they left it deliberately for some reason but whatever the case it does not look good.


The game ran well enough for me. I didn’t get any performance drops even when I was changing from a universe to a multiverse.


So as you move around in the world you can interact with other objects in the game. The dialogue involves mostly telling you how everything is connected and how you are just a meaningless body of matter compared to the rest of the universe. Some of the objects will tell you about their activities. I like the dialogue. It was decently written and I had no problem with it.


And that’s pretty much all there is to this game. The game overall felt lacking. The only reason I loved the initial 30 minutes of the game is because the concept of the game is amazing but a great concept does not mean a great game.

I still can’t believe other publications like Kotaku are giving high praise to this game. One of Kotaku’s main writers Nathan Grayson loved the game and said that it even made him cry. Maby they are seeing something I am not and I am the kind of person who enjoys these types of games. Ahh, who knows. If you want a numbered score I would give this game 6 out of

Ahh, who knows. If you want a numbered score I would give this game 6 out of

If you want a numbered score I would give this game 6 out of 10. The game is above average only because of again say it with me the idea. The gameplay and other things in the game are ok at best and downright bad at worst.

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