EA must still feel pretty bad about giving UFC fans the dud that was the first UFC game, because they snuck a new fighter into EA Sports UFC 2 that fans everywhere didn’t even know they wanted.

With the recent update, gamers were given 3 new playable characters; 2 of those were explicitly revealed (Sage Northcutt and Jessica Aguilar) and the last character was left in the dark for fans to figure out.

No instructions were given or even hinted at, so many were left stumped and curious as to who this silhouette was in their roster. Thankfully, EA went the simple route when coming up with how to unlock the mystery fighter (something the Battlefield 4 devs should have taken a page out of when creating their insanely complex easter egg).

YouTuber Hit The Pass uploaded a how-to video on unlocking the mystery fighter. The tutorial, if you can even call it that, is only about 5 seconds; the rest of the video showcases the fighter in action.

Joe Rogan, along with running a really successful podcast  (JRE Podcast), co-starred in the Fox comedy Hardball, has done several stand-up comedy tours, and quickly became a UFC favorite when he joined the company as an announcer in 1997. He eventually worked his way up to color commentator, and was named “MMA Personality of the Year” four times by the MMA Awards.

I may not be a fan of UFC, but I am a fan of both Joe Rogan as a comedian and fighting games, so this might be my final reason for buying UFC 2. The game already features a whopping 250 playable characters, with many more to come via DLC and free updates, but they all seem to pale in comparison to the amount of love video game Joe Rogan is getting at the moment.

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