dead space

Get your candle sticks, phone lights, and matches out; it’s time to unnecessarily mourn the death of a company.

EA must be the Texan Judiciary system, because they be laying down death sentences to devs left and right, am I right?!

Don’t applaud that. It’s badly written, and you should feel bad for enjoying it.

Anyways, yeah, EA is closing down another development studio.

Only this time, they done did hit many right in the heart-strings, because the company being brought to its knees for death is the same company that brought us the horror game treasure that is the Dead Space series.

They also did some games called Battlefield, which I’ve never heard of. Is it a horror game too?

F*ck yeah! Eye-related body gore is my kink.

Back to Visceral

Visceral gained its prominence in the video gaming community with the release of their semi-cult hit, Dead Space, back in 2008.

Overtime, as they added to the series, Visceral got more and more popular, allotting them the opportunity to work on one of EA’s (Visceral’s parent company) triple A titles, Battlefield: Hardline.

Though it had its fair share of glitches, and complaints about it’s not so inspired mechanics, Hardline managed to make it with pretty okay scores.

Any game that lets players drive a sofa car is a 10outta10 in my books.

“We’re in the midst of shifting as many of the team as possible to other projects and teams at EA.”

Considering EA’s track record, closing companies might the CEO’s biggest kink.

Hopefully this shift goes as planned, and Visceral’s team gets spread out among the various other EA properties without the loss of too many jobs.

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