Quake is back, it looks insane and it is jumping on the band wagon. Do I care? Not in the slightest I can not wait!

If you are not too sure what Quake is, it is an iconic first person shooter game that was release 20 years ago by Bethesda and it set the standard for competitive multiplayer and graphics.

It has remained hugely  popular even after 2o year. Quake still has a following with yearly competitions that attracts 10s of thousands.

I know it’s not the millions League of Legends attracts, but think about it, this game has been unchanged for more than a decade and it still has a very strong following. We aren’t dealing with a behemoth , this isn’t a Call of Duty or a Halo, this is something else that I don’t quite know how to describe.

My best description would be a god tier, ultra level, final fantasy, raid boss. Yeah…I think that’s a good description of Quake’s caliber.

Why now after 20 years?

By the description given in the Bethesda showcase, it sounds like they are using Quake to get their slice of the hero shooter cross MOBA cake.

By all means it’s a great idea. Take their legendary game that has not seen the mainstream light for some time, and put this spin on it. I sadly was not born in time to play Quake in it’s glory days, but it was a very good game. I am enjoying the onslaught of hero shooters (my bank account is not) and hopefully Bethesda will do us justice with Quake Champions.

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