I mentioned this in a previous article and it does not disappoint — more magical abilities, more tactical stealth and one hell of a provoking story. Just more of the good stuff coming to us this September!

So what are we getting? We are getting control over 2 playable characters this time around: Emily Kaldwin or her farther Corvo Attano.

It is not clear if this will change the gameplay in any way, but what is clear is the gameplay looks incredible. I just want to quickly add: if you haven’t already taken a look at Bethesda’s showcase the you should! I always get excited to watch it because they have such a great collection of IPs.

Back to Dishonoured 2 — the release date is set for September 11 (just in time for the Christmas boom), but I sure as hell will not be waiting patiently.

However, in typical E3 and Bethesda fashion, they are offering more than just a game; they are offering a collectors edition going for $99, around £70. Also on the menu is a free definitive edition of the original game, along with remastered graphics and all the added content when you pre-order Dishonoured 2.

E3 is here and it looks like it is answering some prayers. Make sure you come back for more news from E3 right here.


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