The electric car might save our planet, or at least help pollution, smog and all the various chemicals we continue to shoot into the sky, with little to no regard. Liberal agenda stuff aside, the electric car is hitting an unprecedented craze thanks to popularity from Tesla all the way to the Chevy Volt. Heck, even Apple is being rumored at making an electric car. Today’s new contestant? Dyson.

Yes, Dyson.

As in the company that makes those expensive vacuums your parents own, and never let you use. Unfortunately, at this time, the company is under a strict, ‘we don’t talk about this’ policy. So, this is strictly just a rumor that nobody believes right? Wrong. One major component has stepped up, and taken ownership in the rumor. The British Government. That’s right, the British government is funding the operation, with a plant to be built in Wiltshire and to be funded by $250 million dollars.

The company in the last year has also acquired a solid state battery company, Sakti3, which is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This report, as well as multiple reports to $1.5 billion dollars in company spending towards battery power, makes it look all but evident that the company is heading towards an electric car.

The market, while competitive, isn’t home yet to a clear cut victor. Dyson, if they choose to produce a car sometime in the near future (might) have a chance. We will keep you posted!

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