Dungeon Defenders 2

Dungeon Defenders 2 is Trendy Entertainment’s attempt at making a worthy installment to the DD franchise, and it is a pretty good attempt.

The gameplay is fantastic; with unique yet familiar enemies and it’s well optimized engine does well for the title. The story, however, isn’t as exciting. The story line is dull, and lacks the content that everybody loved so much about the first Dungeon Defenders.

There weren’t as many cut-scenes in Dungeon Defenders 2 as there was in it’s predecessor, but it’s what is expected of an MMO.



Dungeon Defenders 2

Yes, unfortunately, there seems to be a vacancy on the story line front.

In the first Dungeon Defenders, there were regular cut-scenes throughout the game which outlined the basic story, encouraging the audience to piece together their perception on the story. The characters where in their youth as the story foreshadowed the parents being locked in a ‘Parallel Crystal Dimension,’ where they needed to be freed from.

However, in Dungeon Defenders 2, you play as the same characters, but time has passed and are now they are all adults, which seems to resemble progression in the quest for the children to break their guardians free. There is really nothing else to it, which is disappointing to say the least.



Dungeon Defenders 2

As a mixture of a Tower Defense game and an MMO, the gameplay is fantastic. They have the right blend of grinding and quests as well as giving the player a target to complete levels. The game is pretty challenging and it really encourages you to play online as the maps require different specialties to complete successfully. This, of course, requires you and your team to hone in on communication and understanding as you wouldn’t be able to complete the levels if all your gates weren’t guarded successfully.

Each stage has a level requirement along with shops that offer weapon enhancements and cosmetic items. The new lobby hosts 20 people or so and you can talk locally and socialize with other players before dropping into a game. The tavern allows new players to find a nice group of people that they can then join and have fun with, which is a nifty idea.

A free-to-play game wouldn’t be the same without In App Purchases.

You can buy gems that can be spent to upgrade your bag slots, and gather cosmetic items that make you look bad-ass while boosting your social status. Strutting around in your menacing outfit will surely deter enemies.

Thankfully, there are no pay walls, so you can play through the story line without having to spend a single penny on it. There are no DLC’s as of yet, but we expect more characters to make an appearance, which will definitely require you to pay. Is it worth it?

Overall, I am satisfied with Dungeon Defenders 2. The gameplay is thrilling and engaging, which is all I really ask for in a game. Trendy Entertainment has done extremely well with Dungeon Defenders 2 and I certainly am looking forward to the future developments in the franchise. The story line could be improved here and there via DLC releases that could possibly explain how the parents got trapped; I think that could revitalize the dead section of the DD franchise. Either way, Dungeon Defenders 2 is a fantastic game, and addiction to it is almost a guarantee.


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