Who the Hell is Toby Turner? Toby Turner is famous (now infamous, I suppose you could say) for his YouTube channel, Tobuscus. His comedic game play channel, and hilarious game trailers has built a subscription base of over 15 million fans. Not only that, but he has spearheaded the movement for other comedic game play channels. Toby’s success has risen past just that, but other sponsorship deals, and mass media connections.

Toby Turner is important to me (and validating this article’s existence) because of the connection he brought between my Sister and I. Several summer days we spent watching Toby rummage through Dead Space, screaming frantically, joking and generally just making us laugh. His content was always funny, well thought out and he clearly enjoyed his audience.

Now that you know Toby Turner, you can now ask the obvious. Why do you even care about Toby Turner? Toby’s known for his hilarious voices, on the spot comedy and ability to make people laugh. He’s also apparently a drug addict and serial rapist.

That changed fast.

No, sexual assault of any kind is not funny, nor is it intended to be. A little over a week and a half ago, Toby’s ex girlfriend (and fellow YouTuber/Tumblr phenom) April Fletcher took to social media to say that not only is Toby a face we all have grown to love, but the actual man is a drug addict, who has sexually assaulted her several times. He had also cheated on her several times, and verbally assaulted her when he failed to get his way. The allegations include multiple examples, including a recent ‘incident’ where he poisoned her, and then sexually assaulted her.

April’s Statement:

Part of the internet that knew Toby split in half. One side said that Miss Fletcher was lying. Toby would never do this. Toby had built such a resounding reputation as a nice guy, who was always smiling. The other half thought, “Wait a minute.”. Of course the big issue is the fact that rape allegations should always be taken seriously, and unfortunately for Miss Fletcher, nothing gained ground until several other people joined in on the story.

Some other women, fellow ex-girlfriends of Toby, shared their take on him. All of which stating Toby had significant issues, and was a frequent cheater, liar and drug abuser. However, only one of them (April Fletcher) had an accurate/detailed story on the events of her sexual assault. The other’s that came out, were not able to properly connect the dots. Regardless, the situation continued.

Things finally connected when YouTube sensation (and daily vlogger) Phil DeFranco stepped up to talk about the issue. Phil is (was) a friend, and frequent partner of Toby. His response? Toby has several issues. Drug abuse. Cheating. Lying. Assault. Abuse. Indecent touching to women. The list goes on, and DeFranco backed it with even a recent Super Bowl party where Toby was politely ‘kicked out’. DeFranco’s laundry list of issues with Toby is quite apparent in his video, even stating that he was an unreliable work partner. Ouch.

DeFranco’s video can be found here

Toby has taken to his YouTube channel to defend himself with this recent video:

Markiplier, another famous game play YouTuber has taken to YouTube, to say YouTube is no longer the same. Some believe, although Markiplier never clearly stated, that he is referencing Toby Turner.

Regardless, here are my following feelings towards the entire awkwardly and awful situation.

  • Sexual assault, physical assault or otherwise should never be okay. The fact that this has to be a debated issue is baffling.
  • Women (and/or men) if you are put into a situation of sexual assault, please tell someone immediately. The situation you were placed in is not your fault, and never will be your fault.
  • Do I believe that Toby Turner is a drug addict, narcissist, and all around messed up guy with several other on going issues? Absolutely.
  • We are built on a society that punishes guilty, and accusations, while measurable, are not a measure of ‘guilt’. Is this demeaning, or detrimental to what Miss Fletcher (and others had to say) Absolutely not. This is more reason for women to stand up, and speak about it.
  • Will I ever watch another Toby Turner video again? Never.


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