Earlier this year, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice brought many question marks to the then-Zack Snyder-led DC Cinematic Universe (DCCU). Many fans worried that The Flash, who is being portrayed perfectly adorkably by Grant Gustin on The CW’s The Flash, might suffer from being turned emo, hipster, or worse in the dark and edgy Snyder-verse.


So some worries might be soothed by today’s announcement of Dope director Rick Famuyiwa being set to helm The Flash. Famuyiwa’s Dope is a look into the lives of nerds that happen to reside in the ghetto areas of Inglewood, California; it balances light-hearted humor and personality with dark, edgy plots, and backdrops.

So maybe there’s more to the slacker Ezra Miller made a cameo as in Batman v Superman. Seth Grahame-Smith wrote the screenplay and was previously set to direct until he left due to “creative differences;” it would have been his directorial debut. Before him, Phil Miller and Chris Lord, who will now and forever be known as the guys who made The LEGO Movie, were set to direct, but are still producing The Flash.

No word if this was their concept art.
No word if this was their concept art.

Prior to Dope, Famuyiwa was known for directed cult hits Brown Sugar, The Wood, which were geared towards the black community.

Ezra Miller is scheduled to mope to the big screen as The Flash, March 16, 2018.
No plot details are confirmed.

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