Triforce Heroes

Nintendo has decided to insert some internet humour into the latest Zelda adventure, The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes.

Link visits a library within the game to find out more information about some ancient ruins he will later explore. He then whips out an absolute winner of a joke in which he describes the ruins as, ‘So ancient. Such ruin.’ The only reason I find this funny is because it is so unbelievably random and out of the blue that it’s hilarious. However, may I add that the statement would be much more Doge-esque if it read “Such ancient. Much ruin.”…Just sayin’.

The slightly strange thing about this Nintendo banter is that the reference only appears in the American version of the game, and not the European version. Nintendo probably believes that us Europeans would not find it particularly funny (which is probably true).

Triforce Heroes

Zelda fans have reacted in a very mixed fashion; some love the Doge joke whilst others strongly disagree with the idea of bringing that kind of humour into a Zelda game. I just hope that Nintendo is not trying too hard to ‘get down with the cool kids.’

I think no real harm has been done in relation to the in-game doge reference, it’s just a light-hearted joke and is definitely not to be taken seriously.

Cut Link some slack, all he does is hang out in ancient ruins anyway.

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