You might have noticed on the front page of steam, floating around the free-to-play area, a shooter called Dirty Bomb, and being the sane person that you are you should have thought, “Uhhh, another one?” and skipped along to something else.

However, Dirty Bomb is something special. It contains good, fast-paced gameplay to keep you intrigued, and instead of giving you a static map to play in, Dirty Bomb has clever tricks up its sleeve that will cause you to make the same noise a 5-year-old at a carnival would make.

The developers, Splash Damage, might have listened to my dreams, because not only have they given me a free FPS with the fun and stupidity of Team Fortress 2, but with the clutch moments of CS:GO.

Dirty Bomb is an objective based FPS. Yep, you heard me. Finally, a game with side objectives along with the main stages to create a challenging team game where the winners are decided within 5 minutes of playing.

One of the greatest winning factors of the game is that throughout the course of one match you start in one map which then transitions over to another one once you complete the objective. Then, after doing the next objective, it moves on to the final stage by which point everyone on the team is thinking, “If we don’t do this after all the effort, I am uninstalling,” and through all these stages you have side ones to fix the generator so you don’t die due to poison gas when you want to use the shortcut.

It is obvious that Dirty Bomb can become a big title, but how big can it get when Team Fortress 2, the overlord of free-to-play FPS, is still at the top? TF2 had a head start and a very dedicated fan base; not to mention its own mini stock market full of items and (most importantly) hats.

However, Dirty Bomb has better features such as nice, fluid movement, wall jumping ninja-like abilities, good graphics, smooth weapons with very nice firing, and unlike 99% of all other free-to-plays it is not a pay-to-win money grabber.

So what is Dirty Bomb lacking you ask? Well, apart from the more awesome ninja abilities, the worst game play feature is unbalanced characters and maps. Which is a harsh thing to judge them on at the moment. After all, what is a beta for if not getting things to work without too many people screaming OP at the screen?

Yes, there may be one or two characters that need a little bit of nerfing (*cough* Nader *cough*), but as far as gameplay goes, it is as solid as Metapod using harden.

However, I am not saying the game is perfect in every aspect. While a lot about Dirty Bomb is great and refined, the business model is a bit poor and can be improved on. Dirty Bomb‘s character prices are more ridiculous than Heroes Of The Storm in some cases, and if you want a character very badly after its free week you will either have to rob a bank or grind for a few lifetimes.

Overall, Dirty Bomb is a highly addictive FPS which gets better as the beta goes on. When you consider how far this game can go, you might want to start getting ready for an eSports team as it is only a matter of time before Dirty Bomb gets to that stage.

At the end of the day, it’s a free game and a guy on the internet says it’s good, so why not give it a try?

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