For those of you that haven’t heard, we now know the concept of Miitomo, Nintendo’s first smartphone game to be released. I must admit, it’s difficult to refer to it as a ‘game’ when it is essentially just a social networking application for Mii’s, the digital avatars created by us on our consoles. It hasn’t been received particularly well so far, and I’ve actually seen the words “gimmick” and “pointless” floating around somewhere.

To be honest though, it’s a pretty rare situation for Nintendo to disappoint. Although they received a lot of negativity about the WiiU, it still turned out to be a pretty good console. It may not have had as many sales as, say, the DS, but I don’t think we can go so far as to say it was a “disappointment”. Hopefully it will be the same in this case, and our scepticism for their smartphone games will prove unnecessary.

But who cares anyway, because DeNA and Nintendo have announced that it will be free to download! Not only that, but the four other games “currently in the pipeline” are all free to play too!

I’m sure I’ve heard that before though…oh yes, I remember: almost every smartphone game I’ve ever downloaded.

If it’s free to play and free to download, that usually means you’ll be bombarded with adverts right from the word go, or after an hour of playing you won’t be able to continue without making an in-app purchase.

Free to begin, but expensive to continue.

Nintendo is no exception to this rule. This isn’t exactly new though; on some of their console games you can head over to the Nintendo eShop and purchase downloadable content, such as new characters and outfits on Super Smash Bros.

However, purchasing this content isn’t necessary for you to fully enjoy the game, and quite rightly so as you would have already spent quite a bit of money buying the game in the first place!

Apps, on the other hand, need to have in-app purchasing system for money-making reasons, so it makes sense that Nintendo would also partake in this model.

Unfortunately the expected release date of Miitomo has been pushed back, and it is now expected to be released in March 2016 (after it originally being December of this year).

DeNA and Nintendo are planning for all five games to be launched before 2017, so I guess we’ve got plenty of time to save those pennies!

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