Deadpool may be owned by Fox, but that doesn’t mean that the joy his antics and spandex radiate are tied to a studio. Captain America has recently told his Twitter followers that he (as most other humans on this planet) loved the Deadpool movie.

Iron Man, on the other, felt it was necessary to call out Cap on his hypocrisy. What kind of upstanding, family value protecting individual would enjoy such a vulgar and violent display of anti-PC propaganda? Certainly not the man named after our very own country!

Before I link the small back-and-forth tweets between the actors: I know that the actors aren’t really who they play on-screen (although Deadpool and Reynolds do share many similarities). I’m only referring to them by their character names because it makes this article more entertaining to write.

On to the Tweets!

So there you have it. Now we know with 110% certainty the true plot of Captain America: Civil War. Deadpool, with all his wall-breaking might, managed to stir up some tension in the MCU and now they need to settle this with fists and explosions.

On a serious note (well, sort of serious), it’s nice to see the actors who have brought our favorite heroes to life have a bit of fun with their on-screen personas (despite the studio walls).

Deadpool is currently sitting at a staggering half a billion dollars in box office earnings, steadily making its way to the check mark Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens set.  The film might not have broken Episode VII‘s record shattering opening weekend numbers, but it did manage to break several records for being a rated R movie.

Deadpool 2, as Deadpool told audiences in his film’s cutscene, is currently being written. No release date has been given to the project, but we do know that Deadpool’s best bud, Cable, will be joining him.

Cap and ol’ Shellhead will be seen fighting over their Deadpool dispute on May 6th, which is less than 3 months away, so start choosing teams now. No, Team Hello Kitty is not a valid option, this is serious business, people!

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