From the creative mind of Geoff Johns comes the next installment of the DC Rebirth storyline. The Doomsday Clock Ticks as announced on Twitter and Blastr.

The Doomsday Clock is a new event that will combine the effect of Dr. Manhattan, who caused the DC Rebirth, and the events that have transpired since. The event also seeks to further bring in the Watchmen to the DC universe. It could also spawn a few comic line featuring the likes of Rorschach.

Doomsday Clock will affect the entire DC Universe, but will only feature limited amounts of the heroes; mainly focusing on Superman and the Watchmen characters. The event will be longer than 6 issues but less than 13.

The event will go for around 6 to 13 issues.


Geoff Johns made the statement that everything he has done in the comic world has all been building up to this.

The name pays homage to Doomsday, the famed enemy who killed Superman. This event could possibly bring back the Superman who died in the start of Rebirth.

In the beginning of the Superman comics the new Man of Steel, or old depending on how you look at it, sought to bring back the dead Superman like he had previously done.

The original death of Superman

Alongside Geoff John’s will be artist Gary Frank, known for Batman Earth One and work on The War of the Supermen among other works. Brad Anderson, known for all of his work in the Action Comics, will also join the crew as the colorist.


This event seeks to set the bar higher than it ever was. In comparison, the Marvel comics universe has a Nazi Captain America event going on. With both events having to do with resetting past events in the continuity of their own universes.

Doomsday Clock definitely seems like DC is taking the next step forward in cementing their place in the comic industry. Rebirth comics have been selling like crazy and this event will only boost sales for people who need to catch up.


  1. WHERE IS YOUR SOURCE FOR THE LENGTH OF THE COMIC? I was under the impression that it was only going to be one book.

    • It may be one collection. The issues are set at the more than 6 less than 13* It’s straight from Geoff Johns official Twitter.

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