WonderCon is underway, revealing all sorts of information for comics. Of course, one of the main events is DC releasing information for Rebirth. The new ‘line’ of story telling and creative teams. One of the biggest announcements has caused quite a stir. As the title headline revealed, The Joker’s true identity will be revealed…wha?

No, this isn’t some elaborate trick. Justice League #50 will finally reveal who The Joker actually is after 75 years of mythology avoiding this reveal. The build up comes from Batman sitting on the Mobius Chair in Justice League #42. He asked a few questions, the first being who killed his parents (no shock, Joe Chill) and the next…WHO The Joker is. The Dark Knight knows…and now, in issue 50, the world will too.


Justice League’s main writer, Geoff Johns had this to say, “The answer is something most won’t predict.” Of course this has caused a stir, as there has NEVER been a true depiction of The Joker’s being, just manipulations of a ‘familiar’ story.

So, who do you think it will be?


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