Days Gone

With the E3 hype finally settling down and all the games revealed and announced, gamers have ran to forums to discuss their thoughts and opinions. One of the more popular opinions comes in regards to one of the more highly anticipated games shown, Days Gone. Since it’s reveal, it has been directly compared to one of the biggest games of our generation, The Last of Us.

Is this fair to Days Gone?

No! And let me tell you why.

The Last Of Us‘ Reputation

The Last Of Us is considered one of the best video game games of all time, with amazing story telling, stunning visuals, reviews 90% and above, and both Metacritic and IGN giving it a perfect 10.

So with all of this said, it is really fair to be comparing this somewhat masterpiece to a game that has just had a brief gameplay trailer? No, there simply just isn’t enough shown of what Days Gone has to offer to be compared to something that big.

Not The Final Product

What was shown at E3 was footage used specifically to grab attention and gain hype, an E3 tradition. Which means, from now until the game’s release, what we saw at E3 might change; either graphically or gameplay wise.

This isn’t an unheard of occurrence either; for example Killzone 2, back in 2005, was praised for its amazing graphics in its reveal, even though all of was done with CGI and not actual game footage.

Bend Studio Is Fairly New

Even though Bend Studios has been around since the mid 90’s (their first game being Bugsy 3D). Bend Studios’ more recent projects include both Uncharted tie-ins, which were coincidentally started by the same people who made The Last Of Us, but both the tie-ins were for handheld and a had different style from Days Gone.

With all the hype that follows Days Gone, being compared to The Last Of Us will generate even more hype and could potentially lead to a huge fall when Days Gone finally hits shelves.

Comparing Days Gone to The Last Of Us could potentially ruin the game as it is potentially creating unwarranted and false hype due to The Last Of Us’ massive reputation.

The gameplay shown at E3 is linked below (just in case you missed it), and you can decide for yourself if it deserves the comparison.

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