Dark Souls

FromSoftware and Bandai Namco’s last installment to the Souls series won’t just be a video game; coming this April will be a comic book line to accompany the end of the relentlessly brutal video game series.

The comic book line, titled Dark Souls, will be published by UK-based Titan Comics, written by Doctor Who: The 8th Doctor writer, George Mann, and drawn by Godzilla: Awakening‘s Alan Quah.

Dark Souls will not be a reboot or retelling of any of the stories already touched upon by the Souls series. Instead, it will tell a brand new story within the Souls universe. We still don’t know in what time period the comic will take place; will it take place during Gwyn’s reign? Vendrick’s reign? Will it take place during  whatever reign Dark Souls III takes place in? Or will it take place in its own separate point in time?

So many unanswered questions.

Whether the comic book series will be a limited one or an ongoing one will probably be decided once the numbers for the first couples of issues come in.

Speaking of issues, Dark Souls #1 will have 5 different cover issues. 4 of them can be seen below, but the 5th one will most likely be kept as a surprise for eager fans.

darksouls1cover-agame-coverjpg-c73c7a_765w darksouls1cover-bconcept-coverjpg-19c260_765w darksouls1cover-c-by-joshua-cassarajpg-19c261_765w darksouls1cover-d-by-marco-turinijpg-0d73d2_765w

The comics, or at least the first issue, will be priced at $3.99 which is a bit higher than the usual price of comics (probably because this first issue is considered a special edition).

With the Souls series coming to an end, who knows if fans will get anymore content coming out of the IP after this comic book line comes to its inevitable end. I really hope that FromSoftware and Bandai Namco end up lending the IP to Titan Comics so that they can continue giving us more content for years to comes.

I would love to see a line of comics that further expand on what happened to the Sunken Kingdom. What story would you guys like to see further expanded on (if the series continues past the first line)?

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