Dark Souls 3

Fantrailers will either end up being of such low quality that you’ll wonder how someone can produce such a product with the amount of free stuff at their disposal, while others tend to be so amazing that they beg the question, “Why the hell didn’t the company make this trailer in the first place?”

One that comes to mind is the fan-made Ghostbusters trailer that surfaced a bit after the official trailer was revealedWhere the first one failed to deliver on…well pretty much everything, the second, fan-made trailer succeeded in giving us just enough to make us laugh and leave us wanting for more.

Anyways, this article isn’t about Ghostbusters, that article will come later. This is about the recent fan-made trailer for the recently released Dark Souls 3. 

Although I wouldn’t go as far as to declare that this trailer trumps any of the originals (nor would I say it fails), I do have to give Tyroine credit for sticking to mostly gameplay footage when making the trailer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some mouth-watering cinematics and well-played orchestral music, but if you’re gonna go and show non-Souls fans footage to entice, then it’s probably best to stick to gameplay since it’ll give them a taste of what’s to come if they go ahead and purchase the game.

The NPC voice over dialogue was a really nice touch; really gives you a feel for the atmosphere of the game. The last line, “You’ll face death, and it won’t be pretty. Enough death to leave you broken,” is without a doubt a great way to summarize anyone’s Dark Souls playing experience.

Enough of me rambling. Check out the trailer below and comment any of your thoughts. Is it good? Is it bad? Will you buy it? Is Obama secretly a lizard overlord?

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