Crown and Council

Yesterday, Mojang released their second game on Steam, after Cobalt, Crown and Council. It’s a free strategic game, similar to Risk, in which you fight with other nations to control a mass. You win the game when you control all the tiles on the screen.

The game has a pixely art style (hence the seemingly low-res image above), which, admittedly, is quite pleasant. The soundtrack, while very monotone, is nice to listen to and relaxing. The first mission is fun, and the game is really easy to learn.

However, the problems of the game outweigh its advantages immensely.

I wanted to like this game. Minecraft, another Mojang game, is a very good game, even if I have stopped playing it. However, much like Scrolls, it’s completely overshadowed by Minecraft. It’s not necessarily Mojang’s fault. When a company makes a game like Minecraft, it is immensely difficult and almost impossible to live up to the expectations of the fans with your next game. However, while this is one of the reasons I am not giving Crown and Council a good review, there are many features in the game that make it sub-par.

Let’s start simple. The gameplay. While the first mission or two are fun, and I enjoyed playing them, your quickly start to realize a problem. There is no HP. This might seem trivial to some, but the problem lies with the fact that HP is replace with RNG, or Random Number Generation. There is no guarantee that you will destroy an enemy fort. In fact, this is where the biggest problem lies. You either have a good starting game and kill your opponents in under 10 minutes, or you sit there for 20 and then get defeated in one go.

There are many problems with the UI. It feels unfinished, and more often than not I accidentally pressed the escape key, which happens to shut down your game. There are no menus, and no pause buttons, but I guess your really wouldn’t need that, since the game is still singleplayer only.

So, in the end, how do I feel about the game as a whole? Well, it has potential. But that’s pretty much all it has other than the Mojang logo strapped on to it’s back. If this game was in Early Access, or even in Beta. It relied way too much on RNG, and the UI is beyond horrendous. What it feels like right now is a lot of wasted potential.

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