Cityconomy: Service for your City by Nano Games is a free-world, city job simulator. The jobs that you are able to simulate range from picking up trash to mowing the lawns of the city. The open world feature in the game is that you are able to run around,  and pick up quests that certain city folks offer in exchange for pay and experience. Yes, that’s right! Cityconomy is a open world city service simulator with a touch of an RPG in it. Through the various jobs that you can do, you get experience that go towards a skill tree, which give you benefits throughout the game. Without a doubt this game was promising for simulator fans all over. Cityconomy is a game that could have been enjoyable and possibly turned multiple individuals into simulator fans, but it turns out to be a disappointment to any gamer.

The game looks average and requires a lot of power coming from your PC in order to run it. The load time for the game is long for such a small and unappealing map. For example, I am able to run Star Wars Battlefront with the settings all on high, while Cityconomy is optimal when the video settings are only on low. Other than this graphical hungry mishap, the look of the game itself is no better than mediocre.

The most attention to detail in the game is on the vehicles that you drive. Other than the various gorgeous looking trucks, the rest of the settings look like something from an early 2000s source engine. Another visual handicap with the game includes the intensity of the night. Once it turns night, everything that isn’t lit looks almost pitch black. It looks too dark to be realistic.


For a simulator, I was expecting things that you wouldn’t really see in other games. For example, being forced to abide to the rules of any city in the United States. Instead, what you get stuck with is the realistic aspect of getting fined for hitting another person’s vehicle, and the frustration of learning to drive such a big vehicle like a garbage truck. I have a total of a little under 5 hours of playing the game, and I still do not have an easy time maneuvering any of the trucks. The game’s physics alone take you out of the feeling of playing a simulator. If you stop in mid traffic, you will get a pile of cars behind you, but they will have the inability to merge onto the next lane. The cars seem as if they are on a train track, and being controlled remotely. If you go at about 60 mph with your 10 ton garbage truck, you will not be able to run over that slim stop sign. Instead, you will bounced back as if you just hit a steel barricade.

The “story” itself is very dull and repetitive. Like most RPG games you usually run around and look for someone on your map that offers you a quest. Cityconomy shares this RPG aspect, but for what reason? The game has a spur of many different elements of genres that it’s hard to remember what game you are playing. Once you walk up to a “quest” giver, and you choose to accept the assigned task, they end up having you do repetitive things. There is no joy in trying to look for these jobs because you already know what is expected.


There are various flaws that have not been mentioned that can be fixed very easily with patches by the developers. (Certain quest objectives spawning in random places, vital people unable to get to, frustrating minimap, etc.) The reason why Cityconomy is not a good game is due to the major problems that have been mentioned. This is a game that if revamped would possibly be a very fun game to play. Until many of the gameplay flaws are fixed, I cannot recommend it to anyone who is looking for an enjoyable game that is worth the money. Hopefully, we will get that revamped version and this unpromising game can change all of our minds.


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