candidate crunch

Candidate Crunch is the new game by Urthworx that serves up an irreverent slice of the incoming Presidential elections in a bid to get more people across the United States voting.

In partnership with Rock the Vote and, the iOS app seeks to mobilise over 60 million Americans who play games but don’t vote.

Creative director at Urthworx, Michael Fox, said: “Gaming is a powerful untapped tool to foster social change. When we saw that more Americans play mobile games than vote in presidential elections, we decided to create Candidate Crunch. It’s an experiment to see whether an entertaining mobile game can drive meaningful engagement, particularly among new and hard-to-reach voters.”

Players will assume the role of saviour or destroyer and reign down various comedic objects on their least favourite candidates. Including a kitchen sink, donkeys and elephants and even Roswell’s own UFO.

Yet the app also helps enlighten the player with certain civic engagement tools, like where to vote, how to register and an interactive forum to learn about particular presidential policies.

The game features all your favourite prospective presidents, with Super Trump, Goth Hilary, Headbanger Bernie, Count Cruz, Martian Carson and Little Marco.

Candidate Crunch is out now on the Apple and Android app store and is free to download, as well as offering in-app purchases.

Watch the trailer below!

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