Fight Night

This is a series that many await patiently for the next installment.

Fight Night has always been a solid series overall, but, personally, Round 4 and Champion are the best in the series. However, since the release of Champions in 2011, we have not heard any news of the next installment. With the rising popularity of the UFC and EA’s focus on cashing in on it, it’s not looking too good for a Fight Night.

But, since this is Bring it Back, here are 4 things I would like to see return or added if the series were to come back.

1.Match variations

Fighting games tend to get repetitive, so the more variety of game modes the better.

In Champion, bare knuckle fights were added in, and it put a different twist on the core gameplay. A new mode I’d like to see added is the KO mode from UFC 2. This mode is kind of like a sudden death match that would push players to go for the knockout instead of trying to win by points.

It would also be a good mechanic to have for players that don’t have time for a 10 round fight.


2.Story Mode

Champion introduced a story mode that followed the up and down journey of Andre Bishop. This story was really a blend of the movies Undisputed and Rocky, it was predictable but still entertaining. So I would look for a more original story; hopefully one not revolving around the underdog trope that every other sports game or movie sticks to.


3.Online Matchmaking Tweaks

So for some reason in today’s gaming community almost everyone plays as the most OP teams or characters in the game. For example, the Golden State Warriors in NBA 2K16, Conor McGregor and Jon Jones in UFC 2, and Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson in Fight Night Round 4 and Champion.

This is infuriating when playing ranked matches, so I think I found a solution. Have matchmaking for ranked matches that randomize the character for each player, but scale the overalls of the characters selected.

This, hopefully, eliminates playing against the same 3 OP characters that take little to no skill to use. It also allows players learn all of the skills in the game to be successful.


4.Legendary Moments

Think of the Michael Jordan Legacy Mode in NBA 2k11, but not focused on one person.

This could be a huge mode, because you get to go through some of the greatest fights in history, and possibly (virtually) change the course of history. Just like in the Jordan mode, you’d have challenges within the match like land a certain amount of jabs or win by KO before the 4th round. This mode would help add more depth and content to the game.


Do you agree with any of theses ideas? Do you got your own ideas of what you want in the next game? If so leave a comment down below.

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