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Def Jam Fight for NY by EA is one of my favorite PS2 games of all-time, and was received very well by fans of fighting games.

This game continued to build off the core mechanics of the original, Def Jam Vendetta, which kind of took the arcade wrestling style displayed in WWE No Mercy, but put its own twist on it; instead of finishers, they had over the top Blazin’ moves, and instead of wrestlers they had musicians, actors, and actresses as playable characters.

The game also contained a good character creator, a great soundtrack and a pretty entertaining story that had fans asking for a sequel.

In 2007 EA gave the fans what they wanted in the release of Def Jam Icon…which ended up not being the game they wanted. For some reason EA changed the cartoonish art style that was in the previous two games and took out Blazin’ moves and substituted it for a DJ mechanic that changed the environment. It’s fair to say that Icon killed the series, but I got 5 tips to bring it back.

1.Bring Back “Blazin” Moves

This is the most important change that needs to happen, Blazin’ moves need to come back. Blazin’ moves is what set the first two Def Jam games apart, it was their version of Fatalities from Mortal Kombat. So when they weren’t in Icon, it really took the most original part of the game. If they bring this series, they need to bring back Blazin’ moves just as over the top they had in Fight for NY.

2.Entertaining Story

def jam

Now many may say the story was corny, but it was entertaining. Icon tried to take itself to serious and it was just stupid and the ending was terrible and trust me I know because I beat the game around three times. If the series was to come back, a little bit of corniness may be what is needed in the story.

3.Updated Roster

All three Def Jam games had a solid roster in their own right. But with so many new faces in Hip Hop, there could a huge overhaul in the game. While there would still be classic characters returning such as Ludacris, Method Man, Redman, Lil Kim, and Snoop Dogg. But we could also see new characters such as TDE, Travis Scott, Future, Tinashe and anybody else that is making noise in Hip Hop right now. If there is still space throw in some actors like Omar Epps or Black Dynamite himself Michael Jai White and have someone like Idris Elba play the game’s antagonist and you got a pretty solid roster.


With the Def Jam series being tied with the record label, this is no excuse for a lackluster soundtrack. They have the catalogue to blend 80’s and 90’s rap with todays best tracks to make a soundtrack that makes you keep coming back for more.

5.Art Style

Before Icon came out the Def Jam series had an art style that the games. It was a little cartoonish but it still had some grit and griminess to it that really fit the mood of the game. Icon seemed to realistic or clean and it really didn’t work. So while most games try to become more realistic, this series art style should go back to Fight for NY or maybe a mix between that and Dragonball Xenoverse, just a thought.

Leave what you think could be added to help bring the series back in the comment section.


  1. DEF JAM REVENGE: BRING it back please have the stroy mode start off from when crow was thrown out the window but have P.Diddy play the upper hand of crow like crow was takeing oders from P.Diddy.MOB gets put in jail So JAZ takes over his crew bring some classic charters like BUT also have new hottest artis let us choose our girl friend but in a diffrent way BRING the blaze back Because that played a big part in it also creating our own person with our own fighting style please give your fanz what we always been waiting on PLEASE.. THANK YOU

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