Breaking Benjamin frontman Benjamin Burnley has made a claim that Electronic Arts asked him (and presumably his band) to promote their newly released title, Star Wars: Battlefront. Burnley, the band’s lead singer since 1999, did not mix words, calling the new game a, “Piece of Sh**!”.

The singer posted a picture of the Battlefront disc (Xbox One), destroyed on his Instagram account with a rather lengthy message detesting the game.


The singer is an apparent fan of the series, even dressing up as the upcoming The Force Awakens villain, Kylo Ren for Halloween. It is a good possibility EA took notice of this and the fame the band has and wanted to capitalize on that. If that is the case, it looks like it backfired incredibly with the post going on both his Instagram and Twitter.

Burnley has yet to comment further on his position about the game but one could assume, he strongly dislikes it. As for Electronic Arts, they have yet to comment to the picture or the singer’s comments.

Battlefront recently released on November 17th, receiving above average reviews (you can find the GeeklyNewsGazette review here). The game will be flanked by four expansion packs, set out for a 2016 release with Electronic Arts announcing a sequel in the works.

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