Fallout 4

With their latest title update to the acclaimed role-playing game Fallout 4, Bethesda has brought game mods to the console audience; something only PC users have relished in until now.

The update allows Xbox One gamers to browse mods on, directly download, and play those mods within the game’s main menu.

However so far this is only available for Xbox One users. Unfortunately, Playstation 4 players will have to wait that little bit longer with the title update hoping to be released next month.

“We believe that our games become something much more special, when we put the power of creation in your hands. New quests, environments, characters, dialogue, outfits, weapons and more – with Mods, the possibilities of what you can do are endless. You are creating new experiences that enhance and take our games into amazing and surprising new directions.”  The update announcement from

Fallout 4To facilitate this, has implemented an all-new system with the aim of making and accessing mods easier for both creators and players. This system is very similar to other mod directories such as the Steam Workshop or Nexus websites, with many being ported/transferred between all three.

As with all mods, they are completely user-generated which means that the quality and scale of some can vary significantly due to the creator’s ability.

Geekly NG had the opportunity to try out some of the mods that are available, finally shutting up Preston about his damn settlements and generally having a blast with all new weapons and tools that previously only PC users had access to.

This addition to an already amazing game will no doubt extend the lifespan of Fallout 4 indefinitely much like their previous title Elder Scrolls: Skyrim whose fan base still explore the vast land of Skyrim thanks to the modding compatibility.

Bethesda has also released their Creation Kit, the same software their team used to create Fallout 4, and is free for download on their website along with help and documentation available by visiting the Creation Kit Wiki.

Hopefully now that a major company has enabled modding on the console versions of their game, maybe others will follow suit.

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