DICE has finally officially announced their next entry into the Battlefield series with Battlefield 1; following the previous Visceral Games entry, Battlefield: Hardline.

The new game by DICE is simply titled Battlefield 1 to reflect its place in history of warfare as World War I marked the true start of all-out warfare. The trailer for the new game was noted as being “in-engine,” (though this is often a clever way for the developers to trick people into thinking it is). From the looks of the trailer it seems that very little if any of it is actual gameplay. Despite this, the trailer gives a fairly good idea of the kind of gameplay players can expect from the Battlefield 1.

Firstly, and most obvious, Battlefield 1 is confirmed to be set in World War I, a rumor that has been circling the webs for some time now. The setting alone should give players a hint at the kinds of things they can expect to see in the game, but the trailer does a good job of confirming that many famous aspects of the Great War will be included in the game including trench warfare, brutal melee combat, and an interesting mix of old and new technologies.

Though details on the game are still sketchy, comments by the developers have shed some light on some features such: inclusion of a new melee system to complement the close quarters nature of trench warfare, and the inclusion of mountable horses, the ability to command battleships and planes, and the ability to use a variety of weapons including flamethrowers and chemical weapons.

The developers have also confirmed that there will be customization in the Battlefield 1. Though the form this will take is unknown as in previous Battlefield games weapon customization included a variety of different camouflage options and different weapon sights and attachments that wouldn’t have existed in World War I.

Of course, the announcement of Battlefield 1 has left us with more questions than answers about the game. Thankfully, gamers won’t have to wait long to find out all there is to know about Battlefield 1 as it launches later this year on October 21. Gamers will be able to experience the game earlier in an open beta though no release date currently exists for it other than a special pre-order edition on October 18. EA Access and Origin Access members will be granted the chance to play the game seven days early on October 14.

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