It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a giant orc-like ninja turtle that for some reason emits huge energy blasts! After pulling in an inevitable record-breaking opening weekend of $166 million that bested previous March opening record holder Hunger Games‘ $152 million, the only way to go for Batman v Superman is down.

Sure Warner Bros. is touting the positive records BatmanBatman v Superman is breaking, like the above, largest Easter opening (previously Fast 7 with $147.1 million), and biggest opening for DC (previously Dark Knight Rises with $160.8 million). What Warner Bros. is less psyched about is Batman vs Superman also having the largest drop in box office over its opening weekend.

According to data compiled by Forbes from various sources, Batman v Superman dropped 55 percent in box office between Friday and Sunday, just over the drops by 2015’s Fantastic Four reboot (48 percent) and Dark Knight Rises (47 percent).

SupermanEven worse, according to Box Office Mojo it’s being projected to fall 71 percent from its opening weekend to its second weekend, second only to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow’s Part II drop. The major difference, is that Harry Potter was met with competition to curb its box office, while Batman vs Superman is being challenged by no major studio movies.

Sure fanboys can blame critics for the drop, but the truth is that fans themselves aren’t loving Zack Snyder’s broodfest. Ticket sales on Fandango are driven by mostly repeat viewers, leading Exhibitor Relations Co. analyst Jeff Bock to predict a $63-65 million second weekend.

But if only that were true, because (I’m sure) much to many Warner Bros. execs’ horror, generous predictions are estimating a $55 million second weekend. Again, with no other major studio competition.

With wavering fan reaction, which also included an early negative review from Kevin Smith the fanboyiest Bat-fanboy this side of Bat-Mite, Warner Bros. has rushed to do massive reshoots of the upcoming Suicide Squad to “add more humor.” *shudder*

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