*Special thanks to DC Comics for sending us the review copy to this title.

So, those a little behind in the DC universe and are in need of a catch up. A couple years ago, DC reset their universe with what is known as The New 52. This completely reset all the convoluted storylines that writers have been building for years, that continued to trip on the continuity the universe was desperate to build. With that notion, they went ahead and pressed the ‘light’ reboot button once more. This created what is now known as Rebirth. Rebirth acts as a new form of story telling from DC, and of course, another way to sell issues.

Batman’s run over The New 52 was excellent. A lot of this came from the work of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Snyder’s writing is nearly perfect, writing Bruce Wayne/Batman to perfection. This was done justice by the absolutely outstanding work from Greg Capullo. So, when I found out that Snyder would be returning for his own separate series and Capullo wouldn’t, I was a bit crushed.


That was until I read issued one. Without painting too much details about issue one, the story follows Batman trying to stop Calendar Man. Right? Calendar Man. What an absolutely awful villain. However, as Snyder does with his coy style, brings the character to light in a way we have never seen him. Calendar Man, instead of being a weird guy that likes Flag Day and Valentines Day, is an evolving, changing monster of sorts that sheds his skin. Snyder promised DC Comics fans that he would paint characters in a light we haven’t seen before, instead of referring back to the stories easy villain, The Joker.

In all of intensive purposes, this issue flew by with plenty of pacing, well written dialogue and some great little pieces. Is this an all out, explosive issue? Absolutely not. This is definitely a stepping stone, a building block to what is it to come with Batman and Calendar Man. Thankfully, instead of throwing the kitchen sink at issue one, Snyder realizes that characterization needs to be built. What does the Calendar Man have in store? We will have to see.

Also, while Capullo’s work is outstanding, I’m vastly impressed with the visual art style from Mikel Janin. Janin’s bodies, emotions and detail to character faces is fantastic thus far. The characterization he gives to Bruce Wayne is spot on. If he continues work like this, with dynamic action sequences, prepare for some mouth drooling moments.


While clearly a stepping stone, Snyder, with help from Tom King, build a great stepping stone for Batman in Rebirth issue 1. This of course is wrapped around some fantastic pencil work from Mikel Janin. Issue one already has me excited for issue two.

FOUR out of FIVE

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