Sony’s Playstation Experience has just wrapped up, and with it came a slew of new gameplay trailers and announcements. All the rave may be circulating around upcoming triple “A” titles like, Uncharted 4, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Horizon Zero Dawn, Playstation VR, and many others; but what many will skip is a tiny announcement made by Sony that indie developer Supergiant Games, is finally having their hit game, Bastion, come to the PS Vita.

Supergiant Games originally released Bastion in the summer of 2011 on the Xbox 360 and PC. It later came to other platforms such as iOS and Mac, and more recently, the Playstation 4. But what had many curious was the lack of love shown for Sony’s little handheld. Many players, myself included, were awaiting for this gem to come to our PS Vita’s. Because it only seemed normal that it did. A semi-top down action role playing game with a colourful design simply screamed to be played on the Vita. Sure you could play it on your PS4 or PC, or even your iPhone, but a game like this just feels right on a handheld console like the Vita. Yet months past, and still no sign of it. Supergiant Games even gave us a follow-up to the great game in the name of Transistor, which was another great hit as it put you in the shoes of “Red” – a cool red haired girl with a massive talking Cloud-like sword, set in an eerie, techno dystopian future.

But finally, after months of waiting and speculation, the game was finally announced yesterday at the Playstation Experience that it is now available on the PS Vita. Barely able to contain my excitement I jumped out of bed, grabbed my dusty Vita, opened up the PS Store, and had my eyes light up as I saw the game on sale for only $2.85. I downloaded it, and began playing.

ss_01559b6e41018243e6ada58adc1d8c4deb1e7f25.1920x1080Now having played for a couple hours, is it all that I had hoped for? Is it just as good as it’s console counter-part? Is this the ideal way to play this great game?

The short answer: Yes!

As soon as the title screen comes up, you notice just how crisp and beautiful it looks. From the very start the colours and animations simply pop out of the screen. Even on my Vita Slim, which has a downgraded LCD screen rather than the OLED screen of the original, it looks beautiful. The controls feel great, animations look smooth, the sound and music is as great as you remember it, and it simply feels right playing it on the Vita.

This is truly the way this great game was meant to be played. The Vita was built around Indie games like this, and playing Bastion on it is such a joy. Not sure why it took the developers so long to bring it to us, but the fact that we finally have it on the Vita is what matters.

Now there are a couple of issues, however. When enemies flood the screen and things begin to get hectic, as is frequently the case with this game, I did notice some minor framerate drops. It dropped even further coupling with some jarring sound distortion when things got really crazy, and though it was noticeable, it wasn’t catastrophic or game-breaking as the game did manage to catch itself back up quickly. Also, because of the scaling of the game and size of the Vita screen, some items in the game and even a couple icons on the HUD are a little on the small end, making it a bit more of a strain to really see. It’s nothing big, and it may screen_3_bigjust be me, but I did find myself having to bring my Vita closer to my face a couple times to get a better look at a couple things.

But so far, I am having a blast with this game. From the music, to gameplay, to design, to the awesome floating levels with falling landscapes; everything about this game is unique. And having it on a great portable machine like the Vita, is perfect. If you’re an owner of Sony’s handheld and haven’t had the chance play Supergiant’s hit game, then do yourself a favour and download it right now. The PS Store currently has it on sale for only $2.85!

See the official trailer for Bastion here:

Bastion Official PS4/Vita Trailer

Now, time to stop writing and head back into “The Bastion.”


  1. Cool review. I downloaded it right after the conference myself. But you do know this was announced a year ago at the first PSX?

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