Deadpool might be one of the biggest surprise hits in sometime. The film was originally slated to make a hair over $55 million this weekend (on a relatively small budget of $60 million). Instead, the film went on to smash records and rake in an impressive $135 million!

Of course, the future is set and we have a sequel to look forward to. This means more Ryan Reynolds kicking rear, and talking smack. The film did allude to a character being featured in the sequel (SPOILERS) and that character was famous X-Factor/X-Men CABLE.

Speculation has now started flying, with one actor taking majority of the speculation and using it to good graces.

Stephen Lang, famous for his role in Avatar, took to Twitter to promote the role, hoping that FOX might take a look at him. He had this to say:

Let’s lay some CABLE. You know I want it. This is pre-training. Thanks for spreading the word.

The actor also posted this picture:



Interesting choice, but its hard to argue and say there is an actor out there that looks more like Cable than Lang does! What do you think?

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