Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor, the new RTS with a unique spin. Published by Trion Worlds (the studio who made Trove, Rift, Defiance and Archeage); Atlas Reactor is their new, extremely exciting, IP. The distinct turn based system separates itself from the rest of the RTS genre while blowing them out of the water!

Each “Freelancer” has a skill set, a unique arrangement of abilities setting each “Freelancer” apart. This article will outline brief descriptions of each ability.




Lockwood, also known as “The Scoundrel” is known for committing heists while making sure his hair is perfect. Lockwood makes sure he shoots first while keeping his agility.

Ability #1 – Trick Shot
Lockwood bounces his shots off of the nearest object making its way towards his target.

Ability #2 – Light ‘Em Up
Lockwood just cant behave, instead he looses control and sprays bullets in 3 quick successions. One bullet just isnt enough!

Ability #3 – Trapwire
Trapwire, your local proximity mine detonates when Lockwood’s enemy steps over it. Its lethal blast can be quite devastating. Watch your step!

Ability #4 – Back Up Plan
Lockwood cowardly dashes to get into cover, however you have to admire his technique.

Ability #5 – Run And Gun
Lockwood runs across the battlefield while shooting as many bullets as he can. He’s the best in the business



Pup, also known as “The Prototype” has a distinct motivation for biting anyone he comes into contact with. He is used for espionage in company rivalry and buries cash as a hobby. He hates oil baths, rust and mass market PuP clones – what a hard life PuP leads!

Ability #1 – Megabite
Pup barks a little bit too hard and ejects a giant jaw, ripping his enemies apart. Isnt that the cutest thing!

Ability #2 – Pounce
Pup pounces on his pray using the highest quality quantum thrusters. He obliterates his enemies on impact.

Ability #3 – Walkies
Pup is your personal guard dog, however he can be very demanding. When he wants a walk, he gets a walk. He launches a clamp at his enemies and can drag them accross the battlefield.

Ability #4 – Prowl Protocol
Pup becomes extremely bored and would like to get away from the situation. He becomes invisible and totally silent… except the soft whir of his nuclear accelerator.

Ability #5 – Subwoof
Pup enhances his bark transforming it into a roar. He overclocks his quantum CPU to be able to output an extremely loud bark… i have a feeling his bark is worse than his bite!



Asana, also referred to as “The Techno Tachi” shows extreme skill with a blade. Being an expert in swordplay, her excelent reactions aid in keeping her alive. Asana lives by the motto “The real battle exists within”.

Ability #1 – Whirling Blade
Asana pirouettes causes pain and suffering to anyone who stands in her way… Thats kinda grim…

Ability #2 – Rebounding Charge
Asana dashes at insane speeds, fast enough to create a blur, a mirage of colour. She bounces back because of the sheer force of her dash. How impressive!

Ability #3 – Stand And Fight
Asana stands to attention, proceeding to send a lethal slash towards her foe! They shouldn’t have challenged her…

Ability #4 – Retribution
Asana protects herself with an energy barrier which reflects damage took upon the attacker. Asana damands an eye for an eye, nanotech makes this possible!

Ability #5 – Guardien Angel
Asana has an enormous urge to assist her friends, dashing towards them, she applies her nanotech shield. She proceeds to grab her sword slamming it into the ground. Energy ripples destroy her foes… Asana claims that it’s “Her duty to shelter the weak.”



Garrison, aka “The One Man Army” constantly talks about fighting, boxing and beer. He participates in Bare-Knuckle boxing however he is known as a War-Time hero.

Ability #1 – Piston Punch
Garrison has such a good time that he punches two of his enemies, destroying them upon impact.

Ability #2 – Hand Cannon
Garrison charges his handcannon to extreme temparatures shooting a plasma shot, 2 enemies are on the recieving end.

Ability #3 – Missile Barrage
Garrison takes time to charge his rocket cannon executing his action upon the next turn. Missiles plow into enemies in a small radius next to him, there’s definitely enough to go around.

Ability #4 – Heavy Metal
Garrison shoots towards the clouds until landing on the stage creating a gigantic ripple. His enemies didnt really survive to see the encore…

Ability #5 – Shockpod
Garrison orders an orbital health deployment pack in the form of a lethal shockpod, landing on his enemies. He likes to think that he is “Killing ’em with kindness.”



Zuki, who can also be known as the “Belle of the Bomb” likes to construct things and then proceeds to blow them up. She also LOVES to make explosive entrances. Furthermore, she feels extremely proud when she reminices to the time where she programmed PuP to “drop beats” on command.

Ability #1 – Bombard
Zuki launches a lethal rocket towards her enemies dealing damage in an area around her. When people talk to her and ask “Why dont you use bullets?”, Zuki replies with “Why use bullets when missiles will do?”.

Ability #2 – Sticky Bomb
Zuki shoots a special formulated ball of TNT with nanotech tape at her enemies. The bomb sticks to them until detonation. Who would have thought it is so simple.

Ability #3 – The Big One
Zuki on her first turn shoots a huge rocket into the air, its strikes upon the second turn dealing a gigantic amount of damage to enemies around it. It is (almost) always worth the wait.

Ability #4 – Rocket Jump
Zuki shoots towards the floor propelling her upwards while damaging people at her previous location. She then lands at her destination escaping danger… dangerously.

Ability #5 – Homing Missiles
Zuki instructs her enemies to play hide and seek while sending out a pulse of energy marking her target on her first turn.Upon her second she launches homing missiles into the air which seek out their pray, obliterating them.



Rask, “The Rage Beast” serves in the laboratories specialising in Clinical-Exobiology. Rask is the first to originate from an EvoS vat (which is a massive achievement). However he sees it differently.

Ability #1 – Maul
Rask swipes at his enemies, gore everywhere, he wants more.

Ability #2 – Upheavel
Rask tosses enemies like a ball of twine knocking them back, just like a big cat!

Ability #3 – Pain Train
Rask shouts “All a-gored” launching himself towards his enemies.

Ability #4 – Augmented Regeneration
Rask is known for his healing tongue, however his rejuvination tubes serve a more potent effect.

Ability #5 – Uncontrollable Fury
Rask loses control, spraying chemicals in a large area around him. The one time anger management issues help.

You can apply for the alpha of Atlas Reactor right here.

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