On July 10th, denizens of the Internet received a gift that was way too good to be true: the trailer for STARZ’s upcoming television series “Ash vs. Evil Dead”, based on Sam Raimi’s cult favorite “Evil Dead” series, hit the web.

A few more trailers, posters, and even a “behind the scenes” featurette have been released, all teasing the new series since the premiere of the first trailer and revealing a little more about the universe in which it resides. Here’s everything we know about the show so far:

  • It’s going to take place a long time after Evil Dead 2, obviously, due to star Bruce Campbell’s age.
  • Ash Williams is still working a dead-end job, although not at the familiar S-Mart. Instead, as evidenced by the trailers, he’s going to be working at Value Stop. This is where he meets and befriends his new sidekicks Pablo and Dana.
  • Lucy Lawless is in it.
  • Tonally, it’s going to derive more from “Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn” and “Army of Darkness” than it will from the original “Evil Dead”. According to Joseph Loduca, the series’s musical composer, they’re taking elements from the films and turning them up to eleven.

What we’re doing is we’re blending some of the approaches that we used in the original Evil Dead and making them bigger and badder and bolder and scarier.evildead1

  • Deadites won’t be the only monsters in this new series. Evil dolls and eyeless monsters are new to the Evil Dead franchise.
  • Sam Raimi is thankfully directing the pilot, setting the tone for the rest of the series.
  • Pablo is not Mexican. He also does not like churros.

“Ash vs Evil Dead” itself premieres this October 31st on STARZ.

Here’s the second Ash vs. Evil Dead “evil” trailer. Check it out!

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