After a bumpy second episode to season 4, this weeks episode of Arrow, ‘Restoration’, feels like a step in the right direction. However, with its usual quirks and occasional hiccups.


Team Arrow is split into two plots, one with Oliver, Diggle and Felicity dealing with a new hitman hired on by Darhk. Meanwhile, Thea and Laurel take the body of Sara Lance to Nanda Parbat to bring her back via the Lazarus Pit. This of course was all underlined by a flashback subplot involving Oliver torturing and attempting to rescue a female worker on the island.

The biggest problem with the episodes come from the three-way split in the story. Darhk should be the most important thing, especially with him being the main reason Oliver was brought back to Star City. Unfortunately, ever since the very first episode, he seems like an afterthought in support of the villain of the week. Sure, he is the main reason these villains of the week are here in the first place, but it manages to make Arrow feel a bit more convoluted and not as streamlined.

Laurel and Thea’s plot line was the focus of a bit of frustration. On one hand, you have Laurel, again, too determined to bring her sister, Sara, back from the dead. The same sister who has now been dead for well over a year. Then we have Thea, who now is so blood thirsty she argues with everyone who says she isn’t. None of these manage to push the plot anywhere, but seemingly manage to hijack it.

Thankfully, the Team Arrow that remained in Star City and actually pushed the plot, helped keep the episode from being a disaster. Felicity shined with the best moment of the show. Basically telling Oliver and Diggle to suck up their drama and grow up. It was the most aggressive she has ever been as a character; even going as far as using a MP5 (sub-machine gun) to threaten off a meta-human. Diggle and Oliver manage to bond over the death of Diggle’s brother and trying to avenge his death.

As usual, the action sequences here are pretty good. This episode did not really maximize the Arrow action sequence potential, though. For the most part, the plot (as stuffed as it was) managed to soak up most of the screen time. It was very nice to see Oliver and Diggle finally bond, especially after at least four episodes of them hating each other.


Arrow still isn’t at peak potential like it was in season one and two. This may or may not have something to do with the repercussions of season three’s onslaught of issues. However, ‘Restoration’ is a marked improvement over ‘The Candidate’ and is reason enough to believe better episodes are on the way.


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