Why Aren’t Developers Making Games For The Nintendo Switch?


The Nintendo Switch has been selling like hot cakes. And okay, by the way, can we pause for one second and ask why do we still say that? I mean, what the f#@k are hotcakes anyway? I need to research this real quick, hold on…

Pancakes? Is that all they are? Seriously? Why the hell do we keep calling them hot cakes then? And I know Pancakes are great, and I’m sure they sell…but to the point where we now refer to them as being the epitome of good business?

Anyway, what the hell was this topic about again?

Right, the Switch! Recent reports are showing that Nintendo’s brand new console is outpacing previous Nintendo juggernaut, the Wii by 10% in the U.S. That’s insane considering many have predicted that no console will ever come close to Wii sales anytime soon. Now sure, we’re still in the beginning of the consoles life; but even so, the demand for the Switch hasn’t died down. It’s still getting sold out in mere hours at all my local stores as soon as they restock, and we’re now well past it’s launch.

Now that’s all great, but now let’s talk about the main issue surrounding the new console. Which is games, games, and games. Mainly, third party support. The damn three words that was the downfall of the Wii U. Nintendo has boasted about all the developers that were on board in making games for the Switch. And many developers have come out and said that developing games for the Switch was quite easy; some say even easier than the PS4 and Xbox One. So, uhm, where…are…they?

Recently Monolith creative VP Michael de Plater said to Gamespot that the studio has

no plans for the Switch at this time.

A few days earlier, project lead of Destiny 2 Mark Noseworthy…which can we please take a moment to smirk at that last name please….Spoke to IGN and said that Bungie has

no announcements to make about the Switch at this time

He further on to say that:

I think it’s pretty unrealistic, given we’re an online-only game, right? The Switch, because it’s a portable – and I love my Switch, I’ve got Breath of the Wild here, I’ve got it with me. It’s incredible, I love the console, but in terms of where it’s at, I don’t want [to] leave anyone with the possibility of, like, ‘it’s a thing we’ll consider, maybe next year.’ There’s no plans right now for Switch.

Industry figure Michael Pachter said the following about a possible Red Dead 2 Switch port:

the chances of [Red Dead Redemption 2 on the Switch] are exceedingly poor

Now okay, Red Dead, Shadow of War, and Destiny are all triple A blockbusters that are graphically very intense and so would be understandably very hard to port to the Switch. I mean it’s no surprise that the Switch, though a great console and does have decent specs, especially for a handheld, is still no PS4 or Xbox One.

So okay, if these heavy-weight games are out of the picture – at least for now – what are the next options? Indies, right? I mean the only reason I play my Vita more than my 3DS is because of all the awesome Indie titles you can get on the system. Games like Shovel Knight and Binding of Isaac already exist on the Switch, which is great, but where’s everything else? And not titles that already exist, which I’m sure developers are working their way to porting their games over to the system, but what about upcoming Indies?

Well, seems like Nintendo isn’t exactly playing nice with Indie developers either.

YouTuber who’s channel’s name is The Wulff Den, who makes some great videos about the Nintendo Switch, reported in a video a couple months back about his experience at this years’ PAX and what he had learned from them regarding making games and having them available for the system. He says:

After playing a whole bunch of stuff on the floor and talking to the developers, it’s pretty clear that all of them want their [games] on the Switch, but Nintendo isn’t making it particularly easy for them.

He goes on to say how Nintendo is making a highly curated marketplace, but in doing so, isn’t allowing indies to thrive on the system as the bar is set too high. Communication between developers and Nintendo also seems to be an issue, and Nintendo seems to have developers jump through many hoops to get their games on the Switch.

Now, I completely get Nintendo being rigid with the content their system has; but if you don’t loosen the entry gates a little bit, then you’re going to end up with nothing, and content is definitely not the area Nintendo can be too picky on. Sony’s PSN Store I feel has a good balance of content there. Even though some bad eggs might slip out, the level of quality is more or less constant. While still allowing the smaller, and sometimes more obscure but still good, games to be available.

And in regards to the big developers; I would honestly love it if big players like Rockstar, 2K, and even Bethesda maybe try to make a Switch exclusive game. Something smaller in scale and graphical fidelity, but still great. Like Child of Light by Ubisoft. Not only would that be great for the Switch, but they’d sell extremely well and would be a definite successful endeavor for the developers.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Where’s the Xbox love? Geekly NG Doesn’t​ even mention them in the video!
    Here’s one LESS Subscriber, you Pro-Sony and Anti-Nintendo/Anti-MS trash channel

  2. Well, all that talk about big companies making games for the Switch and it not actually happening is slowly confirming my biggest fear for the Switch.

    I really like the idea of it being a “handheld and console” but at the end of the day, it is a Nintendo tablet with built in controls and as such and to accommodate the cheap price, it is underpowered and many companies don’t want to learn new technology.

    This was also a problem with the WiiU. Many found it’s architecture and how to use the tablet rather confusing. At least (from what I hear) the architecture is fine but to compensate that portability, it has to make a bunch of sacrifices such as hardware that cannot measure to today’s standards, battery life which is … pathetic and appealing to both casuals (because Nintendo is still trying for that) and the more dedicated consumers, motion controls that while cool again, nobody asked for and an inferior format that doesn’t hold nearly as much as games demand these days, require a huge day one patch and/or are more expensive to compensate the smaller space.

    I hope it still pulls through because I don’t want to play candy crush on my phone. I hate mobile games and Handhelds are the only other option.

  3. It’s not rocket science to work out that AAA games that are released on the PC, Xbox One and PS4 are not going to make it to the Switch. As for VR on the Switch, forget it. New franchises from Nintendo? It’ll be once in a blue moon. And some of Nintendo’s franchises need a rest. The Switch is mainly selling out due to low stocks. Like with Amiibo and the NES Classic, it’s just yet another Nintendo tactic. As I’ve mentioned before, if you look at 2DS/3DS sales, not many owners bought a Wii U. How many 3DS owners will buy a Switch? Hard to say, but surely the Switch should eventually hit 3DS numbers, but will never hit Wii numbers. Other consoles out there, VR and price are all major factors. On pricing, the Switch is £100 more than a New 3DS XL (current Switch pricing at £280, compared to £180 for a 3DS XL). Nintendo is in one huge muddle. Will
    people pay into the Switch because of the 3DS? Or will people pass on it because the Wii was swamped with shovelware and the Wii U was a disaster before launch? It’s all about the games. It’s obvious the Switch will never deliver enough AAA games. Simple as that.

  4. My switch is on life support.

    Beautiful machine but I find myself playing my 3ds and vita more.

    Metroid or I trade it in towards a Scorpio.

  5. I think everyone just needs to relax and just wait for E3. If we don’t her more news by then, then we should start getting a little concerned. More developers could be waiting to announce things then, per Nintendos request. The rest of this year I’m not really concerned about. January thru June or so of next year better fill a void. Think we’re good for this year.

  6. A few caveats though. A lot of those big games that are supposedly not coming to Switch have likely been in development for years so it’s understandable suddenly adding an additional version wouldn’t be feasible. The Mass Effect Andromeda developers didn’t necessarily rule out the possibility of a Switch port if demand is high enough. The same can be said for the Overwatch devs who didn’t really say a Switch version was impossible. Also there are rumors going around that COD WWII may end up on Switch which wouldn’t surprise me.

    On the topic of indies Nintendo does have a relatively good reason to be much more selection on the Switch eShop when you consider the sort of garbage that wound up on the Wii U store. The sad truth is in coming years the Wii U eShop will likely be remembered less for games like Shovel Knight and Affordable Space Adventures and more for crap like Meme Run and The Letter. You also have to think back to the months before the Switch launch when leaks were everywhere. In that case its not hard to see why Nintendo wouldn’t trust just any studio with a dev kit. According to those who have worked with Switch. The Switch eShop is a massive step up from Wii U’s still since there are far less hoops to jump through and because the system is region free you only have to make one version of your game.

    • And the Switch has been in dev hands for quite some time now, too, making your excuse of “those games have been in development for a while” not much of an excuse.

      Too many excuses on the indie front, too.

      • It’s all good. The Switch does not need your support. Keep playing playstation and be happy. Nintendo gamers will keep supporting the Switch regardless of your comments.

        • you seem to be on super damage control bro ar eyou ok…? Where were all you “Nintendo gamers” for the Wii U…? Nintendo gamers aren’t even out in large numbers!! You all act like the Wii represents the average sales Nintendo gets in the console world.

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