It seems like Apple is going on some sort of news worthy binge of info. There’s the law suit with VirnetX over some patent violations, the rumored 5se, and the video supposedly showing Apple’s mini 6s. Well here’s some more Apple news: they are now, after a little over a decade of being used, recalling a huge amount power adapters that shipped out with various Apple products spanning from 2003-2016.

The products shipped with the defective adapters include: Macbooks, iPads, and the 2003-2015 iPhone and iPod models. The defective adapters have been distributed throughout the US, New Zealand, and Australia.

However, not every single power adapter has been affected. They did create a redesigned version of the power adapter that shipped here and there within the affected products. Rather than waiting for Apple users to shock themselves into human bacon, they released a photo showing the differences between the affected models and the models that are shock-free (assuming you’re using them correctly).


The way to check whether your power adapter is susceptible to shocking, simply detach the plug-in adapter from the charging brick, look between the little slide-in ridge, and see of your adapter has either a series of numbers or ‘AUS’ or ‘EUR’ stamped onto it. You could also simple glance at your charging brick. The remodeled versions are a bit rounder than the older, affected models, but be safe and really make sure by checking the stamp.

If you see that your adapter is stamped with ‘AUS’ or  ‘EUR’, then you are safe. If you are cursed with the number stamp, then you can take it to your nearest Apple store and get it replaced for free for one of the newer and less murderous adapters.

With half a million products out, it is very likely that you’re Apple power adapter is defective. Make sure you are safe and check the stamp. Shocks are not fun (unless you’re into some kinky stuff), so stay safe!

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