Apple has done it again. This used to mean something years ago, perhaps even a decade ago when the industries tech giant would release new product. It started off with the Mac, then it became the iPod, the iPhone, and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, the groundbreaking moments of tech advances are washed away in what appears to be playing catch up with the industry it once led.

Here is what was announced at Apple’s latest conference:

A New iPad Pro:


The company announced a ‘new’ iPad Pro. Instead of the revolutionary size, the company has downsized, going with a smaller frame to support the bigger processor. This also means a cheaper unit. This is an interesting choice, especially with the standard iPad and iPad Air being available.

New iPhones


Apple announced the new lineup for iPhones, now sporting the iPhone 6s and SE models. The new models feature a new processor, and an improved screen. Unfortunately, while the tech has bettered over the previous model, nothing is ground breaking here, nor innovative. Those expecting to see something new, will have to wait until the inevitable iPhone 7.

Everything Else

Apple announced a cut back on the price of the Apple iWatch. The company will now be selling the watch at $299, a $49 cutback. Some stores have been selling the iWatch as cheap as $100 off, with prices at $249. Those seeking a quality watch, might want to look in that direction.

As expected, the company is dodging the government, and all the questions surrounding privacy. This played overcast to the entire conference, and we expect Apple to keep their footing in terms of user privacy.


What do you think of the new lineup? Are you impressed? Let us know!

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