Support characters. Kinda like getting picked last during a pickup game of basketball, because the team already has all the good players, and you’re just sorta…there. Kinda like being an obsessive Funko Pop figure collector, collecting all the Dragon Ball Z characters, and then having to buy Krillin not because he’s an awesome addition to the cast, but simply because you need him to finish the damn collection. Kinda like having all the A-list actors reject being in your independent movie and then having to resort to cast Jason Biggs, just so Kristen Ritter has something to lather words onto during her over-the-shoulder shot…Okay, that last one made no sense. Honestly, not sure if any of them were good comparisons. Especially seeing how playing support characters in Overwatch is actually a ton of fun, and are arguably the most essential roles in the game. Hey, you try being witty at 9am. This news broke yesterday, so being late, I now have to compromise with my unique sense of charm and humor, of which is clearly dwindling, if you were to take beginning of this paragraph as an example.

ANYWAYS…So Overwatch has a new character that’s coming soon to the roster.


Meet Ana—a battle-scarred agent who would do anything to protect the people closest to her.”

This was the blurb in the description box of the video that was released by the official Overwatch YouTube channel, PlayOverwatch. The one plus minute video showcased Ana as a sniper who shoots her teammates, injecting them with a healing dart(?). Nathan Grayson from Kotaku, is among the many who are getting a chance to try this character out by the means of public test servers, and wrote this, which I think perfectly describes her as a sniper character:

Ana is a support sniper. The basic idea—a sniper who shoots people in the head with love and kindness…”

But don’t think that the sniper is only good for healing your teammates. Grayson went on to say:

Ana seamlessly does both. Popping off shots with your sniper rifle? If you hit a teammate, you heal. If you liquefy the brains/guts/robot/robot’s pet bird of an enemy, you do damage. “

This is huge as a support character, because the importance of doing both damage and healing simultaneously – unlike Mercy – cannot be understated. And seeing how she’s a sniper, I’m betting that the damage she does is much greater than that of the lemons Lucio shoots.

Aside from her sniping abilities, the video also shows her throwing grenades, which according to Grayson do the same as her sniper in terms of both healing and affecting enemies.

Tossing your grenade? Same deal, but with a nice buff to healing for friends and a temporary block on healing for foes.”

Lastly, Ana seems to have one more trick up her sleeve: A sleeping dart. The video shows a sneaky Mcree, coming up behind Ana, looking to give her the good ol’ “It’s Hiiigh Noooooon” but Ana swiftly turns around and hits him with a sleeper. This is definitely the one thing I’m going to be spamming the hell out of once Ana is out.

And finally, Blizzard is really going forward in making their roster as diverse as possible. Ana, according to the Overwatch gamepedia, is Egyptian. Now all we need is a Bengali character, and I can die happy.

Here’s the Official Reveal video of Ana, from PlayOverwatch:

What are your thoughts about Overwatch’s upcoming character, Ana? Is she going to be your new favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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