No. Plain and simple. Though 60 frames per second IS better than 30, no game needs to be at 60. But let’s delve deeper into this topic.

I know this subject has been touched upon various times before, and if you’re curious as to just how passionate gamers are about it, then may I refer you to the comments section of YouTube or literally any post on Reddit. But, let’s get down to it.

Frame rate matters. Sure many of you may say that playing a game at 30fps is perfectly fine, which is absolutely true; but don’t go about saying that 60fps doesn’t feel and look better. Animations are smoother, there’s less input lag, and again the overall feel of the game is better. And this holds truer for first person shooters.


This may not, however, hold true for all games. Sure most triple A titles nowadays all benefit with the addition of frames due to their high fidelity 3D graphics coupled with constant camera movements; but a game like Shovel Knight, which is a 2D platformer paying homage to old-school SNES games, doesn’t need to be more than 30fps. Simply because it makes no difference to the experience. Even a game like Until Dawn, which is clearly a much more cinematic experience, though may look better at 60fps, really doesn’t do much even if it is, since the whole game is primarily QTE’s; I want to add again, no game needs to be at 60fps, and game that is, doesn’t make it better than if it were at 30.


Now many of you may have heard developers say that their game is at 30fps because it’s more cinematic. Bullsh#t. Yes movies and T.V shows are filmed and edited to 23.98 frames per second to embrace that cinematic tone, but that’s a completely different medium. Watching a movie is passive, you’re letting the images on the screen “do you” whereas in games, you (the player) are the one that’s engaged in the action, movement, and everything else. So, when frames drop below 25, you notice it, and it pulls you out of the experience.

Why developers constantly give asinine excuses for their games being 30fps when the simple answer is “we couldn’t achieve it due to hardware constraints, and so we decided to focus more on the graphics, and settle for 30fps” is beyond me.

That statement is completely fine! No one will complain about that. Sure the ever so glorious P.C master race can have their fill and laugh among themselves to us petty console players, but as for me, if a game runs smoothly at 30fps and looks beautiful while doing it, that’s all I need. So when I hear gamers completely bash and ridicule developers that can’t achieve perfection with jaw dropping graphics and 60fps, I’m left utterly baffled.


Since when did gaming become this never-ending discussion about resolution and frame rates? Yes technology is moving forward and games look incredible and the further into the future we go, they will continue to evolve and amaze us. But why can’t we as a gaming society simply love our hobby and love the fact that it has come so far?

Playing video games is my life, and I don’t care about which Zelda game is the best or which console is winning the war. It’s fine to have a casual debate and conversation, but is there really a need for all this hate and competition? Game development is seriously hard work, with hundreds of people who devote their time, effort, and money to create these incredible interactive worlds that we’re able to dive into. The fact that developers are even able to give us incredible games like The Witcher 3, Uncharted, Mass Effect, or Skyrim, is insane. Why does it need to be this huge deal? In this day and age, when you’re able to buy a console for $400 and pay $60 for a game – the same numbers you paid about 10 years ago, if not less – and play a game like The Witcher 3 and The Last Of Us, which are both stupidly beautiful, incredibly fun, and perfectly playable, why care so much if it’s 60fps or not? Isn’t that enough?

Fine, you can care, frames may be very important to you; but to go as far as demonizing the developers and spreading constant hate towards companies that work tirelessly to bring you incredible content, is going too far. Lag, huge frame rate drops, and crashes, are all viable reasons to complain when it comes to gaming. But to complain when a game runs at a perfect 30fps with no issues is ridiculous to me.

Let’s not be that group of over-privileged people who complain when a game doesn’t have 9 extra pixels and doesn’t run more than what’s needed for us to enjoy the hobby we all love.

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