Guardians of the Galaxy. Deadpool. These films show that anything is possible if you put the right people behind the camera, and focus on filmmaking essentials instead of just making a piss load of money. It is with this concept that we need to stop, look back and think, “What could be next?”

Here is a list of five people, five comic book characters that deserve a great comic book film.

Moon Knight


Okay, okay, okay. Sure, Moon Knight is basically Marvel’s extension of Batman and Spawn. I won’t argue that, but deep down, the character has a ton of quality aspects about him that could make a worthy comic book film adaptation. The characters dark roots, elaborated with some mysticism and a rather sweet design would be polarizing on the big screen. Furthermore, the character has decades of material to look through to present a great story. Will this ever happen? Doubtful, especially with how closely he links to Batman, but he brings a supernatural element to his storytelling that is truly unique.

The Punisher


Netflix is bringing the anti hero to the small screen this March, so don’t expect to see a film adaptation anytime soon. Marvel has tried (and failed) several times to bring this character to the screen. The only version that ever worked (at least from my perspective) was Thomas Jane’s, but unfortunately, it didn’t do well at the box office or critically. This character is a deep, dark, brooding mess that is full of psychological torture, anti heroic moments and a serious look at the morality lines life presents. When you lose your family, how far will you push that line of sanity, before you become the same people who took your loved ones? The Punisher deserves a big screen adaptation that is great, and true to his comic roots.

Green Lantern


Ryan Reynolds made Deadpool what it is. He also made Green Lantern what it is. One was a large success. The other was a gigantic, franchise killing failure. Hal Jordan, and his numerous other Lanterns deserve something much better. The intergalactic peace keeping corp, the Green Lantern’s have been around for decades in story telling. Sure, the gimmick of using willpower might be unsettling for most viewers, or simply too silly, regardless some fantastic stories are in these pages. GL presents more open ended ideas than really any other super hero, thanks to its ideas. If only someone could properly utilize them.



Next to Batman, is there a superhero as tormented, as demonized (literally) than Spawn? Probably not. Todd McFarlane’s creation, Spawn, has been running since the early 90s and has spawned (ha) over 300 issues thus far. The story has evolved into a pseudo-religion, closely following the trials and tribulations of the troubled soul of Al Simmons. Spawn is a character of insane, almost incalculable power, despite being a walking demon from Hell. Honestly, Spawn might be too much for most movie goers. The character deals with death (immensely), as well as the Devil, and obviously graphic situations. That being said, this character deserves to see the light of day, at some point.


Now, thanks to the success of television shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, film might not be the best way to go about doing some of these characters (see The Punisher). However, it was still fun to sit down and think of what truly does deserve a big screen adaptation.

What would YOU like to see on the big screen? Let us know in the comments below!


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