Believe it or not, Star Wars: The Force Awakens might actually disappoint. Now, before the internet burns down from such accusation, take a moment to grasp what disappointment might mean. If (stretching the Hell out of if) it does, it will not make this movie a bad movie, nor will it destroy the franchise or the new run Disney plans on making with it. The sun will rise and set, regardless of the quality JJ Abrams pushes out.

However, the franchise is not immune to disappointment (insert prequel trilogy, holiday special, divorcing itself from the Expanded Universe). While a good amount of things are here to keep the franchise from faulting, like it’s previous visions, there is a certain level of worry everyone should have come December. Here is our list:

5. Deathstar…Again?


*Light Spoiler* Technically speaking, the Deathstar, or at least the embodiment of it, exists in the new trilogy. Posted right on the official poster and featured several times in the trailers, the planet Starkiller will act as an orbital planetary weapon (much like the Deathstar). Now that you know, you probably question why that might be disappointing or bad. Well, that would be our third Deathstar out of seven movies. It is safe to say that idea has been used a bit too much.

4. All Flashy…No Substance


The new trilogy will not feature Star Wars creator George Lucas. The sigh of relief is largely reasonable. While the man did craft the idea of the franchise, it is safe to say he got lost in his own ego, forced digital technology and the piles of cash the series brought in. His vision, especially in the prequels, was all flash, no substance. Characters were forgettable, sidelined to green/blue screen, ridiculous CGI characters and dance choreographed light-saber duels. While JJ Abrams is seen as the savior of the franchise, it should be of note that his films often lack substance too. Just ask Star Trek fans. Sure, he resurrected it from the dead but in doing so, made a large story linear. Could that possibly happen here?

3. Darth Mauling/Boba Fetting Kylo Ren/Captain Phasma


Darth Maul is one of the few saving graces to the prequel films. Ironically, his stoic demeanor speaks more volumes on Lucas’ inability to write dialogue, than the fact he was just cool. Regardless, he brought in one of the best scenes (Duel of the Fates) and was then immediately sucked out of the film. He made this mistake decades earlier with Boba Fett, who died after falling into the Sarlack Pit in Return of the Jedi. Lucas identified the Boba Fett as a mistake, but yet did the same thing with Maul. JJ has already went on record to say Captain Phasma will have a short amount of screen-time (Expect a Boba Fett like character) so one has to be a bit worried of a possible reoccurence to these characters.

2. The Movie Forces a Cliffhanger


A New Hope ended with a completed feeling. Sure, Empire Strikes Back was a true cliffhanger, especially with Vader revealing his true intentions to Luke. However, a big misstep with the new trilogy would be forcing a cliffhanger so soon. The first film should definitely stand on its own, obviously installing an arc to spread over a trilogy but be enough for fans to sit down for a second viewing and enjoy it on its own merit. The Avengers, another Disney product, suffers from this, while not pushing the cliffhanger, they definitely spread seeds of other movies a bit too much. Fans should be given a full movie, with a completed arc for their entertainment

The Hype Train Might Have Already Disappointed


It is quite possible that there has never been a movie this anticipated…ever. The possibility, even the mentioning of the possibility, instills a shred of hype that has pushed the movie beyond what it might be. Fans will go in and love it, regardless (see fans who protect the prequels endlessly). That being said, hype can ruin things because of our expectation being set to a level that might not be obtainable. This of course will vary from person to person but with box office numbers already being absolutely bloated (forecast has it around 250-300 million) you have to admit everyone is hyped for this film.


Regardless, from what we have seen, this looks to be like an upgrade over the prequels. Check back here at GNG for more news and updates regarding the upcoming film!

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