Star Wars

With the recent announcement of Respawn Entertainment and Electronics Arts partnership on a new Star Wars game last month, I got to thinking of what I want to see in this game.

Now, this is assuming that Respawn is not picking up the previously canceled Star Wars 1313, which, if they are, that would be perfectly fine, but assuming that it’s not, here’s a quick list of things I (and hopefully others) want from this new game.

Original Story

One thing I would want to see is an original story. There are so many different time periods in the Star Wars history to play with that don’t involve characters or events we’ve already seen. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic had one of the best stories I ever witnessed in a video game and the beauty of that story comes from the fact that it was all original.

The story didn’t rely on preexisting characters or events, so it gave the game’s developer, BioWare, the freedom to do almost anything they wanted and that led to them delivering one of the best twists ever seen in a Star Wars video game.

Also, the absence of a story in EA’s Battlefront has everyone yearning for a strong story.

Character Creator

Star Wars

Character creation is a hit or miss in many of today’s games. Sometimes you get a deep character creator, like Bloodborne, and sometimes you get a situation like The Division where customization seems like anything but. However, with all of the different creatures and droids in the Star Wars universe there is no excuse for a lack luster character creator.

Force Powers

I know that the Force Unleashed series was not great, but one thing the games did get right were the force powers. When you were Starkiller you felt damn near unstoppable against any type of enemy (except maybe a boss). It even gave you ability to us the force in a way that has never been demonstrated in any of the other games or films.

Air Combat

Lastly, we all know that EA’s Battlefront did not live up to what most of the fans wanted for multiple reasons. Regardless, one of the things I felt like they got right was the flight combat.

The combat felt smooth and more compelling than the ground combat in my opinion. If you throw in distinctive characteristics to each starfighter, and maybe even the ability to make your own starfighter, that would be an experience I (and I’m almost certain everyone) would be interested in.

Leave what you would like to see down in the comments section.

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