Doctor Who

As the current series of Doctor Who is well underway and set to start running up to its finale in the coming weeks, I will use this opportunity to briefly highlight 4 reasons why a female Doctor would be a positive addition to the show.

The Master is now a Female

The Master

Since it was revealed on the show that the mysterious ‘Missy,’ played by Michelle Gomez, was actually the Master in a new body, I feel that it has only had a positive impact. The way in which Missy conducts her evil plans in such a charming manner is a stroke of genius from a writing point of view. The resulting success of ‘Missy’ on the show may mean that a female doctor would have just as much success and would be received just as popularly.

The Doctor is an alien, and this is Science Fiction.



The Doctor is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who can regenerate whenever one body expires, we all know this. We also know that when The Doctor regenerates it is not known what the next form will look or be like. So looking at it from a story point of view, it wouldn’t be so far-fetched if The Doctor regenerated into a female. It would work in terms of narrative.

A Female Doctor would add a fresh dynamic (And yes, she would still have legs)

Doctor Who

There are a lot of things the writers could do with a female doctor; it would be a new perspective to explore, and I think interesting stories could be told.

I, for one, would be interested in seeing where that avenue leads. Another interesting prospect would be a gender reversal between The Doctor and her main companion whomever it maybe. Nevertheless there are a lot of positive opportunities by exploring this.

It would be an important step in the influence of the viewers.


Lastly, and most importantly, the influence that a female Doctor would have on Doctor Who‘s audience (both young and old) is a crucial one. If it was to happen, it would prove to its audience, plenty of whom are adolescent girls, that females can be heroes as well. I would also like to think it would have a positive effect on the roles which actresses are given within film and television.

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