According to Nielsen ratings, only 37% of gamers are aware of VR gaming. This tremendously low number comes as a shock to most of the community. This list was combined of 2000 people who were self identified as gamers, of these, only 37% were aware of one or more VR/AR devices. A shockingly low, and frankly, disturbing number, that could be telling for the VR future.

The study also went on to say the following:

Those who were interested in virtual reality were generally young, with an average annual income of about $63,000 and tend to spend about $20 a month on video games. “Millenials” were the most likely to be interested in virtual reality at 47 percent, with adults 35 and older making up 38 percents and teens at 15 percent.

What does this mean for the future of VR gaming? Not a whole lot, but it can be telling. For starters, VR content is already appealing to a very niche few with its ideology. Most want to experience gaming in its purest form, and VR takes from that. Not only that, but VR gaming is incredibly expensive. The other issue is the requirement of advanced computer hardware, most don’t have the funds, or tech to run VR.

The number is staggering, and companies investing in VR, need to invest in mass marketing. Hopefully this isn’t telling for the future of VR gaming.



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