Yesterday Take Two announced that they would be closing the 2K studio in Shanghai, China stating that they wanted to focus their attention with other upcoming titles, such as the new Civilization game.

2K China held around 150 employees, all which have been left jobless after the shutdown. 2K states that they are, “working with affected staff to identify other opportunities within the company where possible.” Whether or not this will actually get them back in jobs is another thing.

However, even after this shutdown they still are looking for opportunities in Asia telling us that, “We remain committed to delivering triple-A offerings for that region,” so maybe we will see a new office being set up in the future.

As well as the studio going down the toilet, shortly after something worse followed when they also announced the cancellation of Borderlands Online. Yes, that’s right, the popular game that everyone heard about and we know was being made (right? was it just me?) is cancelled, and why you ask?

Good question, according to 2K they do not think that it would, “yield a favorable return,” which is a shame,because after actually looking at the game, ummm I mean after looking at the game again because i totally heard about it before this, it looked like it could of been something great. Good graphics funny characters and definitely awesome boss fights with your friends, yes this could of been good but at least we will not have to pay for micro transactions to open a chest.


What do you guys think of this 2K catastrophe be sure to let me know by commenting.

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