13 Reasons Why is an american drama series based on the novel with the same name by Jay Asher. This web television series is adapted by Brian Yorkey for Netflix. The show has 13 episodes each being 50 minutes and was originally conceived as a film set to be released by Universal Pictures with Selena Gomez in the lead but was later picked up by Netflix as a web tv show.

I have been hearing a lot about this series. Cousins, friends that I thought were dead, people on the internet, all of them are talking about it. Some say its a really good series and portrays a lot of mature themes in a excellent way while others believe it was pretty bad and could potentially encourage people who are suicidal to kill themselves.

Well after watching the 13 episodes and then re-watching them because r-re-rere-review, I came to the conclusion that it was okay. Not something that I would watch again but also not something that I would call bad. The series was nothing special


The drama tells the story about a teenager named Hannah Baker who commits suicide but before taking her life decides to record the 13 reasons why she killed herself on 7  double sided cassette tapes and passes them to the people responsible for her death through someone she trusted.


The best part about the show is when they focus on Hannah Baker and how she changes from someone who would in the beginning laugh at the idea of suicide to the end where she  considers and does it. Her story was interesting and you wanted to hear more and more about what happened to her. Every episode shows something bad happening to her and the story becomes darker and darker.

The show had a interesting premise but due to pacing issues, a bad ending, some odd dialogue at times and some plot holes it disappointed me.


The pacing was particularly bad for me. There were so many times where the show slows down to almost a halt and becomes a drag because of a lot of pointless scenes which did not add to the plot, any depth to the characters and essentially were repeats of previous scenes.

One particular scene was repeated so much that at points I really wanted to skip ahead.

Unnecessarily Long Episodes

Each episode is more than 50 minutes. It was clearly too long and should have been 30 minutes if not less. When the show focuses on the recordings, it becomes enjoyable unfortunately they are too few of these scenes compared to the filler that they add to inflate each episode to the 50 minute mark.


The show also goes in-between the past and the present.I also liked the way the show transitions from past and present. I have seen shows that have messed it up so they did a good job. You wont be confused as to what is the past and what is the present.

Focus On Present

Because they needed to add filler to reach that 50 minute mark they focused more on Clay (one of the main characters) in the present than focusing on the tapes. The scenes in the present are just pointless and quite repetitive. They do have some good bits here and there but not enough to keep me interested.

One scene that I found repeated almost every episode is a scene where Hannah’s parents argue about a lawsuit, them not knowing enough about their daughter and crying. There were so many pointless, filler scenes that if they were cut out they would not affect the show at all and even help improve the slow pace.

Nothing really significant happens in the present until the last 3 episodes. I was always bored when the show was in present times.


The acting was good. With exception of one or two the majority of the actors did a good job.

One of the main characters Clay Jensen played by Dylan Minnette was just boring. He often reminded me Kristen Stewart because she had the same expression less face in Twilight. But in the end when emotion is needed from him he does deliver and does a good job.

The other main character Hannah Baker played by Katherine Langford was better. The actor did a good job and in my opinion was the best.

Disappointing Ending

The ending was disappointing for me. I expected a bit more than what we got. I still had a couple of questions which were left unanswered.

Best Episodes

If someone were to ask me what were the best episodes?, I would say episode 1 and 11. Episode 1 because  its pacing I thought was better and episode 11 because the story picks and Clay Jensen shows some emotion.

Who Should Watch This

This show got pretty dark at times but honestly it did not affect me at all. Its just a show, nothing more however if you are feeling suicidal then just to be safe refrain from watching this.

If you like me don’t get offended or depressed easily and have patience then go for it but if there is nothing better available. I would also recommend you watch this thing in bursts. You will not like this if you are binge watcher.


Overall this show was mediocre with a couple good moments and a good deal of filler and annoying ones.

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